I Hate Saturdays


I went to sleep thursday at 1 am maybe and woke up at 5 am to prepare myself for me and my friends trip to Aqaba and wadi rum, again.
didnt sleep on the way to aqaba and on the way back, had lotsa fun there and it was even nicer in wadi rum , where all were dancing and singing with the music of the DJ. we also gave him CD of circassian music and danced alil, everyone around was like, wooow! anyway, we stayed there till 11 pm. on the way back we stopped by a restaurant to eat.. then continued our way to Amman..
all that is nice and fun but when i arrive at 4 am and go to sleep then wake up at 7:50 am to go to work it isnt fair! and to make it worse, its saturday!!! 😦 who the hell said we should go to work on saturdays? eh!
sleeping at work
anyway, i was half sleeping all the say till i started fixing the internet and network problem here..
i will go now, see you when i wake up zZzZzZzZz

7 thoughts on “I Hate Saturdays

  1. ya miskeeneh ya jano. wallah kan lazem tsawi zai hada ili nayem ta7t il maktab 😀
    bas yalla ma3lesh ma3lesh il mohom ino inbasati bil ri7leh ya3ni ishi moqabel ishi 8)

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