WordPress and Karaki Accent

Thanks for wordpress for adding new feature for the pages…
Now you can comment on my pages, tho i’ve already invented my own way for people to comment.. anyway, i will leave the link i put for comments and will activate the wordpress comments form, the one you already familiar with..

i guess this way it will be much easier to tell me what you think of my MASTERPIECES :p and thought(poems).. actually i would be glad if you did 🙂

o behay el monasabeh ba7eb ashkor el wordpress.com o kol el 3ameleen 3aleh men ekhwan o akhawat, o el sa7ee7 3amleen johod kabeer o features jAdeedeh 😀

o eza mestaghrebeen laish 3am ba7ke karaki (or trying to) i will tell you..
today at some bank (client) a manager talked to be so politly and he was so gentle, ela nesgeeke eshe sho teshrabe, i said no thanks wallah mo jay 3abali, he said la ma be9eer benlabsek 7ag 3arab (or sth like this , howeh be3raf ini sharkasyeh aslan) and he’s really i dono i just liked him alot.. wait a min, he’s a man not a young guy, ya3ni zay abooy o a3az 😀 ya allah sho 7abbeto , jd bejanen eno haik shakhsyeh o el accent taba3o kteer 7elweh. i know he’s mbaydeen but i didnt know aslan eno mbaydeen karakyeh! i know the very talented guys Masannat and Majali are karakyeh, since bakkouz told me those families are.. anyway i had a feeling that that man is karaki before i knew , dont ask me why, (good thing for sure) and since i loved the accent i will learn karaki, ba3ed ezenkom (ethenkom) 😀

16 thoughts on “WordPress and Karaki Accent

  1. wallah ya sitti hada khayar jayyed o fil waqe3 ino il karakiyeh 7abayebna. fa khalas binshooflek modarres khosoosi min 3ay aw fagoo3 takhasos lahjeh karakiyeh qo7 😀

  2. bala khosoosi bala hamm: hommeh il BBC a7san minna ysawwo baramij ta3leem loghat? khalas, balki JameedSound nazzal ashritat “ta3alm al karakiyyah bidoon mu3allim”

  3. Bakkouz, lol wallah 3arase el karakyeh 😀

    jameed; la wallah mesh a7san wala eshe , e3malo kaman jameed radio o 3almo karake mo7adatheh.. ballahi eza btoktobli mostala7at karakyeh i would be grateful 😀

  4. How do you tolerate to write and read arabic words in english letters. Please write in Arabic letter I get headache everytime I read such sentences!

  5. hehe …. wallah el karak we hala el karak 3a nafo7`i men fog 🙂


    ma3naha el walad 7a6 el 7`ayer 3a gafay o 7`awwafni 😀

    6ab tarjem hay 😛

    ” ashart la bus “3ay” 3ay ywaggef lay ” 😀

  6. tanweeh: “baleyeh” tosta3mal la 3adad min al ashya2, fel waqe3 ino aya shay2 qad yakoon “baleyeh” fa masalan: Wain el baleyeh ya mara? (al maqsood hona wain il remote?) aw masalan: akhad el baleyeh o sharad (al maqsood hona al ma7faza)… fa you get the point.

    amma ” ashart la bus “3ay” 3ay ywaggef lay ” fa ma3natha ini asharet la bus “3ay” (il garyeh isimha 3ay) 3ay (ya3ni ma bi ma3na nafi ya3ni didn’t) ywaggef lay (iywagef ili)

    6ab tarjem hai: –> haitchatha hantiya


  7. i should take beginners lessons!
    fatafeet’s phrase wasnt clear to me at all except for al 3ayel 7a6..

    zaid’s phrase : i though lay means laish! bs malwoo2a hehe eno laih ma wa22aflo el bus? zay haik..

    now ; whats the matter with baleyeh? its so complicated. we need explaination from karaki expert! and bakkouz’s phrase: maybe it means sth like: hat hada.. mo?

  8. Blyeh is a “Thingy” , used to replaced any word really…
    Bring the thingy… put the thingy in the thingy….etc.
    As for “gaday”… no it means “on my side” or “next to me”
    Ama bilnisbeh la Bakkouz’s phrase…. I got no clue whatsoever what that means…
    Count me in that beginners lessons with you Jano :S

  9. ashart la bus 3ay 3ay ywaggef lay …..

    ashart = ya3ni bedi ya ywaggef 😀

    la = elo

    bus = bus

    3ay 1st one = man6ega bel karak esemha 3ay

    3ay or 3ayya the second one = ma retheesh 😀

    lay = eli

  10. Jan your best bet is to hang out with more karaki natives, also there is a book called “lahjet al-karak” written by dr. abd el kader al-khalil and dr. yahia al-kasem published by mut’a university. Its a full study of the karaki accent. Maybe that would help

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