Rich Tag

My Friend Chet Tagged me with a nice tag and i tagged couple of you:

1. Which is the single best post you’ve read on any blog? Please provide link.
A. Circassians. thanks Zaid 🙂

2. Which is the best post you’ve written? Which is your worst? Please provide links.
A. You know i cant choose only one best post 😀 but here are the best according to mood:
Hope(less) , Down Town Mood, Journalist Mood, Family Mood, Pride and Nostalgia, Picnic Mood , Games Mood , Creative Mood , Complex Love Mood (just for the hope to have an easy love mood lol not yet tho, Lucky Mood , Tag Mood , Traveling Mood , Entertainment Mood. i guess its Nough mood now :p
Now the other part of the question, Worst? errr what you mean? lol well there were couple of ones but i dont want to remind you of them :p

3. How about a place you’ve never been to but would very much like to see.
A. France i guess if for a visit.

4. If you were a member of the opposite sex, what would you have done differently?
A. for sure a gf instead of a bf :p and maybe i would go to travel without any money in my pocket.

5. Do you remember a childhood recurrent dream or nightmare? Good or bad, tell us about it.
A. yes, i used to dream of evil cats 😦 till now! :((

6. Make me laugh or make me cry, put your words to use.
A. i wish there was a real embarressing situation to tell you about it and we all laugh together.. hehehe but i remember when my grandma was sick, oneday, me and my sister were at school, the headmaster came to us and said that our  grandma got her health back and started to walk again, we jumped up and down happily, and he said that they are takin us to her house cuz our parents and all the big family are there making a big party for her.. we couldnt wait till we reached her home after he drove one hour to get us there, we were so happy, saw chairs everywhere in the yard and alot of people and cousins.. we went running to see her and jump in her arms like we used to do, we got in the house and saw alot of women, and my mom had me and my sister in her arms and cried.. she told us that our grany has died! we didnt believe, my sister ran to the huge backyard to hide herself and cry.. i asked about where my grany is. mama told me that they just took her away.. to her grave.. we were shocked or maybe still waiting the party and seeing our grany walking again, giving us some money to buy ice cream and tell us stories and songs.. we waited a whole week.. stayed at her house, and didnt want to leave.. after that our dad took us to her grave, and prayed for her soul to rest in peace.. what bothers me till now is that i didnt tell her goodbye the last time we saw her before she died, i was half sleeping and wanted just to go home and sleep..

7. Do you regret the unfulfilled dreams, the inaccessible roads, the uncharted lands?
A. today, somehow, not really. but tomorrow im sure i wont.

8. What is a friend to you? And what are you to a friend?

A. A friend to me is someone who gives and takes, who is there for me even with simple words, who supports me when im right and finds solutions when im in trouble(instead of yelling and leaving away) + telling me what was wrong i did. a friend to me is some one who opens my fridge and help themselves with anything, my friends help me with things as well and never calls me friend.
Iam someone caring, loving , helpful to a close friend. i make them smile, at least i try my best, im there for them when they need me physically and emotionally, i help them with washup and other stuff, i fight for them.. i support them and we discover the world together.. I love my friends and Proud of them.

9. T.S. Eliot measured his life with coffee spoons, how about you?

A. Game; Electronic game maybe.
I start as a beginner, learn stuff then go to advanced level, some opportunities and dangerous stuff.. things i missed that i cant go back to it in the game, some i saved to load again,(knowing i cant save and load at any point) some check points and rest points.. some awards.. talented moves 😀 and surprises (good & bad ones) sometimes i have less things to do,just exploring, sometimes serious risk could make it “game over” and when i finish some levels nicely they tell me well done or congrats.. some things interact that i cant help avoid them.. and when i dont know it; “game is done, all level were successfully completed” nothing to do.. I will exit the game..

10. Write your own epitaph, or if that is too hard, how would you like your epitaph to read?

A. “Al fate7a” 🙂 Jansait Qoughondoqa is sorry for any mess she left behind lool jk
it would be nice if after fateha there was sth like “Jansait Qoughondoqa, 1983- , lived life to the fullist and proud of every step she took, she hopes you too are”

Ok girls and boys , i would take the opportunity to tag :
Miss Fatoom
Miss Roba
Mr. Bakkouz
Mr. Dadan
Mr. Moey

8 thoughts on “Rich Tag

  1. about 6- i still rem that day! i dono why the hell he told us thats there is a party, and i guess me and lot of thing changed after her death, she was strong amazing woman, well the night before she die when we were leaving she called me and hold my hand i guess she wanted to goodbye me! i rem when i enter her house some women told me ur grandma died but i didnt realise whar they’r talking about!
    enough! 🙂

  2. What an awful thing for your headmaster to do! That was so cruel. I’m so blessed that my grandparents lived long enough that I was old enough to realize they were fragile, and I started to make a point to tell them “I love you” every time I saw them. I guess we should remember that we are ALL fragile and say “I love you” more often.

  3. This was REALLY cruel … I mean what this teacher did!! And those cats … OMG!!! You got to find a wasy to chase them out of your dreams !!
    GREAT answers Jano!! BIG HUG!!

  4. This was REALLY cruel … I mean what this teacher did!! And those cats … OMG!!! You got to find a way to chase them out of your dreams !!
    GREAT answers Jano!! BIG HUG!!

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