Samarqand, Uz Part 3

Β Samarqand

Woke up early and started preparing ourselves for a trip to samarqand, i dont know how far it is from Tashkent, the capital. but it is far, we received signals from other countries mobile companies..

Anyway, on the way to samarqand we saw a statue for timour (not timour lank) cuz its an insult for them since it refers to his one cut leg.. so we respected that and kept saying prince timour.. the statue was so big and on the middle of the roads on a circle with fountains and flowers around,, so nice! and while we were there taking photos a groom and bride with their black and white took some photos there and left some flowers. it was their wedding day.. it reminded me of people back in my homeland caucasus were all i ntheir wedding day goes to the statue that symbolise people who fought in wars and dies, and there is a burning flame all the time-day or night, summer or winter. refers to the everlasting flame.
anyway, it was nice to see all that and take photos, we headed then to other place where there was a huge old buildings where old islamic culture onetime was stronger than anything.. graves of old brave people, all organized and clean..

visited the graves of timour and his family and people, who were close to him,, where it was an islamic school or research centers.. when i saw all that i longed for the time we havent seen when all that was so strong and developed! so sophisticated buildings and ornamented so nicely with ayat quran everywhere on the building.. loved it!

other place like this where consists of three building each one is a whole “city” with rooms and floors, and yards.. it was to teach and learn islam and quran and other scinces, now for selling souvenirs πŸ™‚ and some rooms are small museums.. most of it about Islam and Uzbek old cultures..

Everything around was amazing , specially the ice cream hehehe πŸ˜€


went to marsad or merqab, where they invented the telescope to watch the panets and moon and stars, it made me wonder why all that went with the wind! alas!
its amazing how the building was and is now, many photos and documents.. the building was so high but what left now is just the way that the tescope or that instrument was moved on.. another building for all the documents and photos of people who made those things.. the main one was merzo ulg’bek, who is the grandson of prince timour, as i read there.
The ceiling is decorated as the sky with stars making the horscopes. some were strange.. and all around the walls there was descriptions of everything..
other things were, the graves of prince timour and others.. in a room where all around is Hadeeth in a very nice way..

then to el qasam ibn abbas, Prophet mohammad’s cousin, that place has a strange inscent, so nice and amazing, the min we entered, and it has a small mosque, and on the yard so many graves for people who died that time and also other rooms for some graves.. i dont know who were they cuz they were mending the place..

after that we went to visit the grave of Emam Bukhari, he’s one of two who are trusted for hadeeth. the grave and all the yard around is sooooo nice! the sky felt so close and also so many stars! and also a mosque like every other grave we visited.

The graves of those important people are not just grave and yard, its like a mosque and grave and huge yard with other things sometimes like a small museum.. that was the last thing we visited that day and it was a very long day with so much excitement πŸ˜€ got home at 2 or 3 am maybe after a dinner at restaurant in samarqand..
sometimes they play arabic music, like nancy ajram, shereen, hesham abbas, hmm and others. πŸ˜€ it was confusing first time hehehe

13 thoughts on “Samarqand, Uz Part 3

  1. That sounds awsome Jano!! I am so happy you had such a fascinating trip! The pictures are beautiful … so are you!! πŸ™‚
    Check your e-mail dear .. I’ll send something right away!
    BIG hug!!

  2. leila, i didnt know that .. if that is right then he’s not good.. i dont know what he is to history even! but we respected the country, and his people. thats all πŸ™‚

  3. its gr8,i rly wish to go there,nice posting its rly nice…yala 7amdella 3al salameh o inshalla bet3eeshi o betshoofi `3erha;)

  4. I believe you can excell as a tour operator or a tourist guide. This was a fantastic piece of cultural presentation. Such countries are hard to visit and not frequent to see on TV so thanks for the insight.

  5. lamoush; click on other pics to enlarge, and you can visit my flickr, on the right.. thanks for coming πŸ˜€

    Dave mustain, heey allah ysalmak and thanks alot πŸ˜€ u have to go there really

    Batir; keefak? and your words are soooo nice πŸ˜€ it made my day tho it didnt start yet hehe but really thanks i loved it πŸ˜€ yallah la2elna shoghol :p this country isnt hard to visit and its not expensive.. you just need to know about it first and where u want to go and decide πŸ™‚

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