Tashkent In General, Uz Part 2

After a night flight i safely, thankfully, got Tashkent.. was so glad when i saw my uncle at the airport and his wife, with 2 embassy employees with them who were so helpful.. they took us (me, mom and aunty) to their very nice house 🙂

on the way, i was looking at the streets and all buildings, i could see that the Soviet touch still there, of course the style of buildings, very high and small apartments inside, and the streets are wide and they separate the sidewalk from the street with a space of trees and grass,, i loved that the day i saw it in my homeland,in Nalchik. unlike here in Jordan, the sidewalks are for trees to walk on if they could.. lol
anyway, we got the ” Deplomatic Village”.. where the villas of embassadors.
saw my cousins who i missed so much, Murad and Muayad 🙂 we jumped up and down happily 😀 it was so amazing to be there with them, especially cuz my trip wasn’t planed for, it was only an idea and a joke at the beginning.. and i knew that its for sure the same day i took off!
we took tour in the house and took a rest 🙂 the cooker prepared a yummy breakfast cuz we arrived there after 4 am.. the general feeling was like “i cant believe i made it” it was like “hey cousins i miss you, i wish i was there with you” lol maybe 1 million $ then would helped more, lool jk! the time i spent with them worth more than a million.. :p
we had fun in the house -when we had time to spent there-hehe swimming and playing darts and ping pong, and many many things..
the country isn’t plain.. its more than anyone would imagine or think of it,, when i first heard that my uncle moved to Tashkent as the Jordanian embassador, i said Oh poor he! what took him to that unknown. but i completely changed my mind..

in general, the weather was kinda hot (like Amman) and the trees and grass are everywhere, you see green wherever you look, a lot of fountains and water.. clean city.. malls and entertainment places (a lot of them), Soviet city style (almost), wide roads, no traffic -that was amazing! and historical country.

i don’t know what to add about the city, of course i will add more later but that was just a general view..

8 thoughts on “Tashkent In General, Uz Part 2

  1. I always used to read about this city in history books , bs i thought enha 5alas enma7at , and its not there anymore , bs it seems i am totally wrong , it seems to be a beutiful city , what lang do they speak there , and what is the mostly wide spread releigon ?


  2. bakkouz yes 🙂 you should go there sometime

    Dar; the language is uzbek and russian. and the relegion is mostly islam and christian. i didnt see something else, i saw church and jame3,, the city is really amazing.. wait till i talk about samarqand .. all the rich history is there,, i was walking in samarqand not saying but WOW. 3an jd eshe mesh tabee3e.. o akeed you know prince timour? many statues for him.. he’s a great person for them..

  3. You had a fantastic adventure .. how wonderful!!! I’m so happy you had a GREAT time Jano … you REALLY deserved it! 🙂
    BIG hug!! 🙂

  4. Moey; yeah 🙂 thanks for coming here 🙂

    Me; why you guys dont write your names? anyway, i am jordanian but my homeland is caucasus ok? and my roots are circassian.. so stop those silly things..

  5. Karin 🙂 u rule 🙂 thanks alot dear.. i wish you all guys go there and see the country,, till then i will show it to you through my eyes 🙂

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