From Tashkent with Love…


I got Tashkent, Uzbekistan.. 😀 its soooooooooooooo amazing!! and lots to say later with details.. about Tashkent and Samarqand and alot of things and places i went to..
Im having so much fun here and swimming everyday, going shopping everyday, play dart and boling.. the city is so nice.. and its more like a city built in the forst 😀 hehe unlike Jordan, built in rocks :p still i miss Jordan like Hell 😦

hey have fun guys and keep in touch :*

15 thoughts on “From Tashkent with Love…

  1. Thank you alllllllllllll Im really having huge funnnnnnn 😀 coming back to Jordan 23rd..

    miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :* i really miss the blogs.. sorry im not visiting any blog since im here but im hardly visiting mine 🙂 keep writing me please , it makes me sooooo happy 😀

    see you sooon

  2. I know you adore the place so much. The least you can do is place pictures of that place on your blog to prove your case. Maybe next time we could see them?

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