17 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. Yes so very true, but i have to say its worse than that, ino the U.S is watching closely but it pretends its covering its eyes…

  2. aha i think eno israiel heie adda b2eed el u.s o eno masle7et el u.s eno el 7arb tstamer 7atta ed`3atoo 3a 2eeran o soria…….

  3. guys,its so true,israeli occupation controls economics,o plz,if u r with the palestinian case dont say (ISRAEL) as if its a stable country,this is not gonna happen,its just about time…belive me,the islamic movement is getting bigger in the right way,o abt this subj.
    :heh,its always the same,sawa2 kan bush or `3ero,o the big prob is that we r waiting for america to stand with the islamic counties,that is impossible..its so clear since ever that eroupe and america hate us…the final conflict is gonna b from this land not from america..as our prophet said:”تقاتلون انتم شرقي النهر وهم غربيه” and he ment naher il ordon!…but at this time hehe,i dunno what to say,..allah yefrej, thanx janoz for this subj, its rly nice

  4. They ALL disgust me to an extent I can’t find words for!!!!! The one who kills is a criminal … and tbne one KNOWS and LOOKS but does nothing is not an IOTA better!! If it’s up to me they can go ALL to hell, they are ALL guilty of genocide and destroying a whole country!!!

  5. guys akeed lebanon r7 tedammar,bs did u ever heard that some1 got freedom without distruction!?..com`on freedom is never free,there is a high price,and sooner or later we will pay it!..i no inno kollo tanzeer bs 5alas leave it to lebanese ppl,most of them is with hezbolla!…so let it go.
    live with honor or die!..allah yonsorhom ya rb!

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