Meebo while Sleeping

I Woke up this morning so normally and went to work, during the day one word kept nagging on my head “meebo” i wondered what it was. checked my blog and found that on my blog’s sidebar, i have a messenger where you can send me messages and messages won’t be shown to everyone.. just like MSN, yahoo!, and other messengers.. its cool hey 😀

but the thing is, when did i put that? hehe All i could remember is i came back late last night from our friends’ home and i loged in for a while then went to sleep..

sometimes walkin while sleeping is a good thing hehehe
hey dont forget to send me messages even if i was offline.. and if im online we can chat.. on the chat box (jano’s messenger) you won’t see but your lines and mine.. privately.. its really amazing 🙂

thank you for not laughing at me while walkin in my sleep 😉

Thank you wordpress.JPG Thank you

9 thoughts on “Meebo while Sleeping

  1. hehe,u shud not thank me coz i laughed already…its nice,my uncel zaman kan yef2ed many money!…at last he found that he was walking while hez asleep and putting money b masoura in the roof!…he found a treasur in the masoora…lol,bs yalla inti 3al a5af shwai!..meebo ma5edlik 3a2lik:P

  2. Jano … OMG, that’s dangerous if you don’t remember what you do, ha-ha! Sleepwalking … hmmmmm – you should get it checked out, seriously!

  3. Karin,, i didnt go to sleep then woke up it was a joke.. when i came back i loged in and did that.. but i dont rem cuz i was too tired and went to sleep hehehe

  4. guys, i didnt sleep then woke up and did that!! heheh stop making me feel that my situation is serious 😦 i was too tired did somethings on the blog and went to sleep.. 😦 that was all .. i dont walk while sleeping HEY!!

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