Very “Clever?” B.u.s.h.








got this to my email and couldnt but post it…
couldnt americans realise that B.u.s.h is too immature to be a president?? why did they vote for him?? is it “Every country gets the president it deserves”? Americans; B.u.s.h represents you, How do you feel now?

26 thoughts on “Very “Clever?” B.u.s.h.

  1. Bush is a moron. seriosly he is, no kidding.
    just watch and listen to his speaches and how he acts, he’s an idiot, and i don’t say that becuase i hate him or anything, he really and honestly is an completele idiot.
    i have no idea how it came to be that he became president.

  2. What you say is true, Bush is a MORON! Just shows you how stupid Americans can be. saying that there are a few too few good americans who see it differently. I cannot believe how he is allowed to get away with what he does.

    Don’t mean to get off the subject but there is a young Palestainian Girl who has just started blogging this month. If possible give her some support. I have seen here first post where she was very shy to the latested post where she is not afraid to say it like it is.This is her link.

  3. How do I feel now? No different, really. Bush doesn’t represent me, and neither did Stalin. Does Osama Bin Laden represent Arabs? It’s a rhetorical question, and you needn’t answer.

  4. As for why Bush got elected and re-elected, I would urge anyone with an interest in the subject to examine the corrupt two-party system in America, and the way it disenfranchises the poor and inspires apathy in the rich and the middle classes.

  5. You should have heard me laughing – that joke is sooooo hilarious!!
    If HE’S the smartest … I don’t want to know how the dumbest looks … and sounds!

  6. hey guys! i want to tell u sth! in the event of 11/9 evryone said how comes that bin laden killed innocent ppl..those (INNOCENT) ppl choosed bush and choosed the congres which supported bush in evth he did! ..thats one
    two..hez not an idiot,he is doing the job of the american president,
    1.supporting the isreali occupation
    2.fighting muslims
    3.get free oil
    and bush did his job better than the others, wake up guys the zionest lobby is the real president of america,i hate him ofcourse and i hate evth he stand for! but its the american nation!
    think deep..
    bs yaa he looks like an idiot! hehe

  7. and btw for who said that bin laden didn`t represent arabs!..THE U.S.A gave bin ladin wepons in the past to fight taleban`s system…america is the system of this world! and evth against it they call him A TERRORIST! thats it, its just the way it is;)

  8. My name is Natalia, Dave, and you can address me as such. The CIA funded the Afghani regime that would later evolve into the Taleban, but Bin Laden came from a wealthy Saudi family. He did not arise in a vacuum, but I somehow doubt very much that his followers, as well as the people who danced in the streets when the towers came down were all paid off by the CIA.

    Slaughter of innocent civilians is never right, you cannot justify it with a “‘but they voted for Bush.” In doing so, you become no better than the IDF that rains bombs indiscriminately on civilians. Good job.

  9. well,and our brother and sisters ARE terrorests in palestine and lebanon!?…y do we have to respect the lows while they dont RESPECT US…and ya THEY VOTED TO BUSH! RYT!?..o msh inno tfaja2i,they voted for him 2 times,ma ba7ki inno bin ladin is the best,but he is not the worst,he is treating them in same way,well..he tried to

  10. hay all, i think that one of our key weak points that we consider our enemies as selly foolish and weak ppl , and i think that this is not right as all, bush and his army is controlling this world they controlling our life and i dont think so that ((bush)) is a foolish man… we must no that they r thinking to distroy us and we must pretened that they are smart so smart and then work on this base…

  11. natalia,lsn to me,i do not support them,but u r supporting the other side too!? one can support a crime,u r brain-washed(sry for this word) the media showed us that the terrorests ARE MUSLIMS!!,and nth showed the real terrorisim which happend BY the israeli occupation,got me! and america is supporting that terroresim! israel sha3b kollo mujannad,they live in a muslim land! and america is helping it too!..what r u talking about!?and u shud say what u`ve said for them! y shud we die if bin laden did sth rong!??my father died coz 7amas 3amlat 3amalyyeh! ma kan ilo 5s b ay eshi!..y shud we b silent! y shud they WIN!..coz we r WEAK FROM THE INSIDE!
    its all the same!! look around u

  12. hay dave ithink so u r right hay every body in this world i f u want me to conseder ben laden as aterrorist i will but y we say that ben laden is a terrorist while bush and almart who killed 10000 of boys and girls are heros the answer so clear if u kill arabs u will be a hero but if u kill americans or ((israilien)) u will be aterrorist….

  13. u r ryt,u exactly got my point as it is!..3a rasi guevara!
    the REVELUTION IS the solution! i`m sick of evth in this world!
    all of this generation is damaged in the brain!..nice to talk to u natalia;),its just a deffrent points of view!

  14. Dave, I’m not saying anything in support of any figure being discussed on this thread. I’ve laid out some important points to consider in approaching the specifics of the American electoral system.

    If you think that Joe Schmo from Alabama is interested in “destroying” you, your family, or anyone else for that matter, you’re wrong. Joe Schmo is most likely : a) Trying to keep his family taken care of, and/or b) Too apathetic and disillusioned to care about foreign policy, let alone vote. The two-party system and its corruption, as well as number of laws restricting voters, have both insured that *most* Americans don’t vote

    The fact that *my* tax dollars just went in supporting Israel’s collective punishment of Lebanon ticks *me* off to no end, but unlike most Americans, I am neither sheltered nor under-educated. I’ve been lucky.

  15. it was coool… .Usa chose bin laden not arabs and they did so to saddam hussain and later on they called them terrorists (some day they were friends of them )yeah they were terrorists and people who were supporting them(i mean Us)were terrorists too.they did it to show people around the world that moslims are wild animals but israelies who are intruding palestine land are not wild animals.

  16. well,if they didn`t vote for bush and the congres,non of this is happening then!..i`m not giving anyone the reason to kill cevillian ppl…but dont take that pose that they r SO innocent! They R NOT!
    i will not wait till the americans vote for a good president! and that will never happend (la2enna kolwa7ad 3ashan yenja7 buroo7 bye3lin il ta3a lal lobby il isra2eeli)…i have to do sth!..i have to change that silly system! not just for america for this WORLD!can u c it became almost a forest! who has wepones who has money can live! and the other ppl cant! Y!?
    i`m living so well thanx to god,but i`m not better from the working men who always pay the price of the politicians` mistakes! y i have to c muslim ppl are monsters! and c the real terroists as Angels!!..nth is completly ryt! btu at last there is good and evil,darkness and light,rong and ryt! and it is clear as the sun!..hehe if we saw it aslan…coz we r living in the small room that we have put ourselfs IN…for a long time!!..
    so,Joe Schmo must not vote to bush again! coz if he thoght in a ryt way he`ll find the truth! if he didn`t,then he is not as innocent as u imagen!

  17. okz all i think that american them self hate us , i remem. that one day while watching t.v i saw an american program , in these prog. the prisentor say a word and plp on the street give there comment on this word….one day the word was ((arabian ppl)) or s.t like that.. and i want to tell u the recomments darlings…… specially u natalia the comments was ((bugs-terrorist- nthing….and a very bad words i cant write it))

  18. When Clinton was President, there was a joke just like that for him as well. I didn’t get to vote in the last election, but I’m not afraid to say I like many of Bush’s policies. Everyone’s got the right to their own opinion.

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