Anathema in Jordan Part II

Here are somethings you would like to know and i saw many people looking in many places to find answers.. though you can find all in the 8:VP-Live, anyway, here are some notes:

  1. Anathema WILL come to Jordan and this is not to be discussed anymore.
  2. The concert will be in Al Ahliyah University – Arena. (you all know where is that)
  3. The Date and Time: Aug 25 2006 Friday and Doors will be opened at 6pm. Cool ha?
  4. Tickets online all sold out, unfortunatly, BUT still some are in Beats Records, Mojamma3 makkeh, makkeh st. and others in Mute Record, Bahjat Gardens, Gardens st. other places will be announced later.
  5. Tickets will be in selling points between ِAug 1 2006 till Aug 17 if any left till that time ;).
  6. NO Tickets to be sold on Doors, so Go and buy from selling points.
  7. 10% of Anathema’s concert proceeds will be donated to the Lebanese and Palestine red cross and crescent.
  8. Ticket Price is 30JD including sales tax.
  9. People from outside Jordan, please send your contact details to 8:VP-Live and They will send you your ticket’s serial number and you can pay on Door if you provide the serial number and a non-jordanian proof of ID such as a passport.
  10. Terms and conditions
  11. what would anathema play? 8:VP said it is entirely up to the band to choose, great news are: simple mistake will be played for the first time in Jordan, and at least 2 pink Floyd tracks. 😀 \m/ what else you think? it sure will be from new and old.. but what exactly?
  12. who are the opening Bands for anathema (special guests)? It will remain secret till they get on stage, who you think they are? cant wait 🙂
  13. 8: VP-Live are doing a great Job. Jordan, be amazing and let them come again 🙂
  14. Finally, ROCK ON JORDAN \m/ ROCK ON ANATHEMA \m/

P.S, Please Jordanians and all, make this a great concert, let it be something to NEVER forget..

You can always check the header “Anathema’s Posts and Links” on the right sidebar here in this blog..

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Anathema in Jordan Part II
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49 thoughts on “Anathema in Jordan Part II

  1. Hello everyone! i think there is no question about if anathema are coing or not they said they are coming for sure despite the war which is very nice of them when other bands just cancel so we should make sure they have a good show and go back to the UK and tell other bands, promoters, and people in music business how safe it is and how passionate jordanians are about music

    i CANT WAIT I WANT THE CONCERT TO BE TOMORROW! WHY TOMORROW NOW! Actually i am enjoying looking forward to it


  2. Moey u r one sad person ya3ny la2enak 6ale3 3ala england yoamain bdak tsho7′ 3al nas, i live in england and its a shit hole + there isnt one good band playing here after download so who u gonna see and where?

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  4. Qwaider and Roba, its a doom goth metal genre of music,, so amazing so nice , the music is sooooo amzing those people are so talented! and so professional also.. 🙂

  5. janoz they r not just doom metal, my uncle (he’s 46) and he likes them coz they sound like pink floyd somehow, they have a perfect balance between metal music and quite chilled music

    Anathema in jordan i cant believe it!

  6. freak: not sure where you live but certainly not a shit hole over here. Saw the RHCP last week too.

    sorry to hear james hetfield er..moey will be here in the UK.

  7. all the uk is shit hole where do u live? rhcp are pensioners now they should have stoped 10 years ago, and what about james hetfield?

  8. OHHHH! That is just so great, I think it’ll be a blast, I just hope nothing goes wrong this time.

    About what Anathema will play, I just hope that they’ll play “One Last Goodbye” and “Empty”, actually I want them to play all of their songs. It’s good that Anathema aren’t extremely famous, or else I doubt that they would’ve ever come to Jordan.

    Thanks Janmania for the info.

  9. london is certainly not a shit hole maybe you dont know where to go or what to do – you should get out more.

    RHCP still rock. Legends

    Perhaps you are just old and miserable

  10. thx TH14 and freak.. you better kill youself.. UK is fun, i’m going to see bands i like BRITISH BANDS, legends.. THE IRON MAIDEN came from the UK alright.

    and yes the RHCP rocks and anathema aint my style

  11. Ana ma begharny ela illy zaiak, btog3od tshoof 7alak 3al nas wo ana wo uk wo bdy a7thar iron maiden!
    all i am sayin u telling the people ur goin to th uk to watch great bands, and i am saying i live here i work in music business and i know, WHO ARE YOU GOING TO SEE? wo ba6elhy 7arakat el 3egeb hay…3aib wallah

  12. freak.. cool down dude! Moey didnt mean all that.. from the begining he said he was sorry he cant be with us that day! and please guys here isnt the right place to start a fight.. all here please cool down ok?

  13. hey guys,i think that anathema will play many of the songs that they`ve played in the live concert (A moment in time) so check it out,msh tefda7oona ma tkoonu 7afzeen ishi!! hehe,;) t.c guys!
    Metal Rulz,and slipknot SUX!

  14. 3a rasi moey…UK was the source metal MUSIC…iron maiden,black sabbath,king diamond and cradle of filth! by the way who heard new iron maiden`s single! they r telling the world : “we can play till the end of time” they r the legends of metal!

  15. 3a rasi moey…UK was the source of metal MUSIC…iron maiden,black sabbath,king diamond and cradle of filth! by the way who heard new iron maiden`s single! they r telling the world : “we can play till the end of time” they r the legends of metal! really!

  16. Well as the band has made many line-up changes i assume that. they won’t perform from the past albums which are more like doom metal ( All Faith is Lost, Crestfallen, Serenades,We Are The Bible and Pentecost albums) coz the vocalist Darren White has quitted the band since the 1995.

    And you can notice the changes in the vocal style in the album (The Silent Enigma 1995) it’s considered as turning point for the band they become more goth.

    Note that the earlier band tours were with bands like (Cannibal Corpse). and now they are performing in Jordn with some local bands.. hehe.

    Anyway my conclusion is they will perform songs from their last albums (Alternative 4, Judgement, A Fine day to Exit and Natural Disaster). plus the brand new songs (Everything etc.) as the Cavanaghs controlled most positions in the band.

    But i’m wondering if Lee Douglas is performing, she took part in many good songs for the band.

    My suggested list is:

    Flying – Natural Disaster
    Harmonium – Natural Disaster
    Pulled Under – Natural Disaster (good one!!)

    A Fine Day to Exit – A Fine Day to Exit
    Panic – A Fine day to Exit (This one rocks!!)

    Shourd of frost – The silent Enigma
    The Silent Enigma – The silent Enigma

    Fragile Dreams – Alternative 4
    Lost COntrol – Alternative 4
    Regret – Alternative 4
    Empty – ALternative 4
    Feel _ ALternative 4 😀

    One Last GoodBye – Judgement 😀 😀 😀
    Judgement- JUdgement

    Angelica – Eternity (nice) 😉
    Far Away – Eternity
    Eternity – Eternity

    songs like (We, the gods), (Nailed to Cross) also (A Dying wish)…blabla bla may be excepted as they may be considered insulting to our angelical society..

    Hey don’t take this list as an authorized one!! it’s just a suggested list made by me (as a big fan of the anathema 😀 ) and maybe it’s 100% WRONG.



  18. bokra inshalla batna2at min il garayeb,o baroo7 bshtari il ticket:D..hehe,yes3ed rb il twjihi shu inno fadni at last!…i`ll watch anathema:D…o barkooli guys,i`ll study animation arts in sumayya uni,iblooni..i`m happy

  19. Guys i bought my ticket yesterday but today i was offered to buy a ticket form a guy in yarmook beljama3ah and it looked fake, just wanted to warn people not to buy from anyone as if its fake they will not let you in and u will loose your money and u will miss the concert, soo carfull and tell everyone you know.

  20. man,my ambiton is to study animation arts,o iza 3al social life,bad7al 3al ordonyyeh bel breaks..msh bs il muhim mafi `3er sumayya feeha animation arts!..i`ll make vedio games about che guevara and about “saladin” :P..wait me, aah o kaman resedent evil 234 lol

  21. Whatever they will play, anathema in Jordan, have you ever dreamt for this moment,, i assume NOOOO. Common guys stop talking too much ,, we all knew & remain forever

  22. well moey,can u know who is seling the fake tickets!>..some1 said hez a guy from al yarmouk uni ADIB,plz if u can get the num.of the guys give it to us,coz “yousef” whoz in mute injan min hl ossa,so we shud tell the police or y3ni ay jeha ma3nyyeh! PLZ try to get his num or his name or anth,

  23. dave man i asked for his name and he didnt tell me and just stormed off, i am quite worried about this as if Anathema dont sell any tickets because people are buying fakes they will cancel it we need to spread the word and let people know about so they can be carfull.
    walahy ino hal sha3eb nawary wo 3arth o7’ty 3aib
    el jama3a bdhom ye3malo donation for lebanon wo wlad hal balad ga3deen bdhom yesrego
    i think if this concert get cancled bcoz of this we will NEVER EVER have a band coming to jordan!
    i think this is very important.

  24. well to avoid getting scammed just make sure you buy your ticket from an official selling spot which are

    -Mute “bahjat gardens downstairs”

    -Beats “underneath fitness one”

  25. mohd,we all know the official selling msh il kol be3rafhom,so we have to catch the fake sellers!..ya zalameh i7na ma bebagelna ishi…adib bellah 3aliek 7awel i3rafli meen illi bebee3 ask his friends aw ay eshi min hal 7aki,ba3teek ticket free,kalam zlam,bs bellahi 3aliek is2al,o ilak 3endi ticket free o t-shirt min mute bardo,bs b3ard il nawar tozbot il 7afleh!…plz try to catch him..dnt ask him directly,ask someone else in the same uni!…plz man

  26. guys i was checking the organisors website and it says there will be no tickets on the door!!! and the tickets stop being on sale next friday!
    i wanted to buy my tickets on the door but i guess now in7ashrna!

  27. nadim i think every1 knows about that! and i understand the reason why, anathema can not rely on tickets sold on the door as the costs of them coming all the way here are big so they need to guarntee that people will come before they ship thier stuff and come.
    hope u understand nadim

  28. haha i cant beleive u said that!! of course you will NOT loose ur money in case of cancellation you will get the full 30jd, they cant not give it to you, it even says that on the terms and conditions at the back of the tickets and the website.

    Guys you have to understand there will be no tickets on the day (maybe soo2 soda and they will sell it for 100jd) the point is if u dont buy they will cancel.

  29. Mar7aba Jano, I got an update!

    A couple of days ago I was at Sami Kreishan’s place with a friend. Sami said he’s gonna play the concert’s intro 🙂

    He also said he’s looking for people to play with, and he still didn’t make his mind up about what to play.

  30. i heard its gonna b sami and another heavier band for the opening ,come 2 think about it friends,3 bands ,two of them are the best in jordan and the third is ANATHEMA………..what a concert i hope i `ll live 2 c it.

  31. GREAT NEWS!!!! i herd drom ppl that know the organisors that the special guest is going to be ville vallo the vocalist from HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he is so cute!!!!

  32. wallahi i7na bagar ma belbagelna ishi!…can u belive it!?!? for the 3rd time!..pentagram/opeth and anathema! shu had?!,o halla2 il mu5abarat sarat it7azzer?!?! kan waggafu illi sar b 9/11 madam be3rafu amta betseer il tafjeerat!!
    i wont depent on this country again! i`ll try to go to the desert rock in dubai! SO SAD

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