Millions and Billions with Arabs Individuals

Im not responsible for the truth or not of that, im just telling you what i found in many sites..

1. $20.15 BILLION
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud
Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Prince runs a business empire that now streches across four continents. It has now also made him the world’s fourth richest man.

2. $9,2 BILLION
Nasser Al Kharafi

The tycoon has made his fortune from range of industries, and now adding to it by helping rebuild Iraq.

3. $6.8 BILLION
The Olayan Family
Saudi Arabia

The Olyan Group started life over fifty years ago as small trucking group. Today it is a world class diversified industrials company.

4. $6.7 BILLION
The Bin Laden Family
Saudi Arabia

The Bin Laden Family run one of the world’s most successful consturction companies.

5. $5.2 BILLION
Rafik Al-Hariri

The Prime Minister of Lebanon is also one of the world’s riches Arabs, thanks to the massive constuction group he owns.

6. $4.5 BILLION
Mahdi al-Tajir

Al-Tajir has been rich for three decades. Nobody has made more money out of Dubai’s status as a free trade port.

7. $4.1 BILLION
Abdul AZIZ Al Qhurair family

The tycoon owns the oldest bank in the UAE, and even his grandparents have a habit of making good money.

8. $3.8 BILLION
The Kanoo Family

The family is not shy to declare the scale of its wealth. It has produced a book on it.

9. $3.5 BILLION
Majid Al Futtaim

The Al-Futtaim Group split are board level four yeares ago, with the founding brothers takeing separate divisions.

10. $3.4 BILLION
Abdulla Al Futtaim

The exclusive UAE dealership for several carmakers has helped turn Abdulla into a Dubai billionire. And he’s getting even richer.

11. $3.35 BILLION
Saleh Al Rajhi
Saudi Arabia

The Al Rajhi family own one of the Gulf’s biggest investment banks.

12. $3.3 BILLION
Khalid bin Mafouz
Saudi Arabia

Khalid Bin Mafouz has been stuck down by illness, leaving his family to look after the massive fortune he built up.

13. $2.95 BILLION
Mohamed Jameel
Saudi Arabia

Jameel not only runs the worl’s largest Toyota dealership, he is also in charge of Saudi Arabia’s bigges finance firm

14. $2.5 BILLION
Nadhmi Auchi

The tycoon is Itaq’s richest man, though not without legal problems

15. $2 BILLION
Faisal Al Ayyar

Al Ayyar runs Kuwait’s biggest private company, with operations in 70 countries.

16. $1.8 BILLION
Saudi Arabia
Sulaiman Bin Abdul Al Rajhi

The tycoon is one of four brother’s sharing their banking family cash

17. $1.65Mohammed Al Amoudi
Mohammed Al Amoudi

He is the second largest invester in Sweden and Ethopia, owning a lavish hotel

18. $1.63 BILLION
Mohammed AL Fayed

Now 71 years old, there is no sign of the Egyption born tycoon slowing down.

19. $1.6 BILLION
Mohammed Bin Issa AL Jabber
Saudi Arabia

AL Jabber is the Saudi tycoon who likes to spend, spend and spend. Just ask fellow billionair Warren Buffett.

20. $1.5 BILLION
Wafic Said

The Mr Fixit of arams world has made a fortune over the last two decades.

21. $1.45 BILLION
The Al Shaya Family

The Al Shaya Group is over a century old. Its latest ventures is rolling out the Starbuckes brand in the Gulf.

22. $1.4 BILLION
Maan AL-Sanea

Maan Al-Sanea’s background is in flying jets, but he gave it all up make a huge it all up to make a huge fortune in civil engineering.

23. $1.35 BILLION
Saleh Kamel
Saudi Arabia

Saleh Kamel has a passion for media. It is one that has cost him a small fortune along the way. But he hasn’t stopped.

24. $1.3 BILLION
Al Zamil Family
Saudi Arabia

The family employs around 8,000 people in one of the Saudi Arabia’s largest private enterprises.

25. $1.25 BILLION
Khalaf Al Habtoor

He is the pioneering builder behind the world fampous seven star Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

26. $1.2 BILLION
Mohamed Al Bahar

Al Bahra is widely seen as being the elder statesman of Gulf business.

27. $1.15 BILLION
The Dabbagh Family
Saudi Arabia

The Dabbagh Group was initially founded by Sheikh Abdulla Dabbagh in 1962, a former Saudi Minister for Agriculture.

28. $1.12 BILLION
The Jameel Family
Saudi Arabia

Abdul Latif Jameel runs a huge financial and motoring services group in Afria and across Asia

29. $1.1 BILLION
Adnan Kashoggi
Saudi Arabia

The international arms dealer has swapped his business life for the celebirty jet set circuit in recent years.

30. $980 MILLION
The Al Rostomani Family

The family started in business launching Dubai’s first ever book shop Al-Ahliya library.

31. $950 MILLION
The Boodai Family

The family’s latest money making vnture is the launch of low cost airline based in Kuwait.

32. $900 MILLION
Simon Halabi

The Syrian born property dealer has made the UK his home, and is buying more property in the country.

33. $800 MILLION
Naguib Sawiris

The tycoon is plannig a strike on the Iraqi mobile networks market, which will make him even richer.

34. $700 MILLION
Al Tayer Family

The family runs one of the most diversified industria groups in the Gulf, based in the UAE.

35. $630 MILLION
The Shoman Family

The family of the founder Arab Bank has kept the financial torch burning.

36. $610 MILLION
Mohammed Ali Alabbar

The chairman of Emaar properties has his hands in several other business pies across the world.

37. $600 MILLION
Mohammed Al Suwaidi
Saudi Arabia

Al Suwaidi runs a prominent Saudi based group which is looking at a stock market flotation.

38. $550 MILLION
Rashid AL Habtoor

The polo playing son of Khalaf Al Habtooe has made a fortune in his own right.

39, $520 MILLION
Saeb Nahas

Saeb Nahas made a packet trading with Saddam Hussein’s former regime in Iraq for a number of years .

40. $510 MILLION
Othman Al Aa’di

When it comes to runnig fabulous hotels, no-one does it better than Othman Al Aa’idi.

41. $425 MILLION
Abdulrahman Saad Al Rashid
Saudi Arabia

Saad Al-Rashi is doing so well, he has just made a huge donation to open an Arab University in Hong Kong.

42. $420 MILLION
Mohammed Khalfan bin Kharbash

The chairman of the UAE’s state owned telecomes provider is also the country’s finance minister- and a very rich one.

43. $415 MILLION
Dr. Omar Al Zawawi

Textiles and industrial goods have helped make Oman’s special represntative for foreighn affairs a wealthy man.

44. $410 MILLION
Iskander Sada

He left war torn lebanon ar age of 22, and made his cash by arranging business deals for western companies.

45. $380 MILLION
Mouna Ayoub

Divorced four years ago and Ayoub’s pay off, plus the assests she kept, have made her one of the world’s richest Arab women.

46. $350 MILLION
Sam Hamman

He was born in Lebanon but made his mark in the UK by taking over small soccer clubs.

47. $310 MILLION
Fawaz Zureikat

The oil for food programme was by the Iraqi regime, with many benefactors.

48. $300 MILLION
Ahmad Zayat

Ahmad Zayat’s company made its big money in the Middle East by promoting non-alcoholic beer.

49. $300 MILLION
The Alizera Family
Saudi Arabia

The family has made its cash from number of ventures, with a history dating back over 100 years.

50. $215 MILLION
Ramy and Michael Lakah

I have to tell you that these numbers are NOT exact, i read different things in different places and sites but all the numbers around the numbers shown here, 1 to 5 billions difference is nothing right? πŸ˜‰ hehe
what would happen if they gave away to poor people, palestine and lebanon (o 6ar6ash shway 3ala Jordan) only 2.5% of their money.. imagine if you have US$100 and gave away to a poor child US$2.5 is it big deal? πŸ™‚
Source 1
Source 2

14 thoughts on “Millions and Billions with Arabs Individuals

  1. mashalla mashalla allahoma zid wa barek.
    ok so you said what if they donated only 2.5% of their wealth, I did the math and that sums up to about 2805 Million, Thats 2.8 Billion dollars, i suppose this amount can help abit πŸ˜›
    sadly it wont happen, history tells us that arabs wealth is more likely to be used to build standiums and fund zoos in europe than to be used to help the arab poor.

  2. That was a great piece of info although a litlle bit outdated since Rafik hariri is already dead. I would assume taht Michael Dagher, by selling fastlink and Umniah in 4 years has entered the list.
    Those people can rebuild Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Mauritania, Yemen and bring Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria to their feet.
    I wonder why Khalid Shaheen and Abdul hadi Majali are not in this list.

  3. Bakkouz, allah be3eed, law ya3toona at least shwayyeh ana asafer o a3eesh barra be2e7teram o enta tjadded eshterak il net o tjeeb hosting lal, bekrak el karam el 3arabe bebkhal 3alena behal natateef? lool

    Batir, i left the source of the, i guess, updeted list, and their wealth is more with abit of billions or millions πŸ™‚ thanks for participating.. about Michael Dagher, i didnt know he’s arabian πŸ™‚

  4. I woudn’t take that Ayoub lady!! Shakelha 2aleb 3addadha!
    Anyway, 3o2bal el kull insha2allah
    Too bad I didn’t see many people for Jordan on the list although I know a bunch would actually qualify

  5. Thanks Janoz.

    those bunch of theives are responsible for the poverty of the Arab world…

    They can’t build the Arab world…

    but you know, Haifa Wahbi and Elissa are more important…

  6. Jolly good article and yes, that is one thing that always gets me. What are they doing with their money? During the Tsunami in 2004, most of the money donated to those in need (mostly muslims btw) came from the West, by private people, like me and colleagues etc. Less than 10% was donated by those rich folks – showing of course their usual solidarity… Thumbs up! A good article that shows the facts.

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