Die with Love, Yours, Israeli Kids

Israeli Kids send their “loving!” messeges to Muslims, Christians, Palestinians, Lebanese Kids..

What a Shame!

visit the blog: IsraelsCrimes

16 thoughts on “Die with Love, Yours, Israeli Kids

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  2. Truth; you’re welcome, inshallah it will be fine at last and be born from the ashes, again

    Moey; what is there? sth specific?

  3. The pic doesn’t show (on my computer at least) but I know it … it makes me nauseous!! I certainly don’t blame the kids – but BLAST their parents who do not understand that they are actively sowing another generation of hatred!!

  4. Karin; does it show now? i tried to upload it in another way.. and when you click on it you can see the original post..

    naturalblu; most of this universe is brainwashed. and yes you can NOT say bad words..

  5. hey guys..we `ve reached the end of time, i feel shit when i say:”i`m arabic”, life dosen`t mean anth without honor!..may god help them,we have to do sth! i`m sick of this world and all!
    evth belongs to the system! we`ve to change it…this system is made by a human,so its not perfect!
    olmert said that day: “i`m proud of my israelian nationality,and i ask arabs, r they proud of thier arabic nationality???”
    lol nice Question and the answer is v.hard..can u answer it Jano!?

  6. Dave mustain; hey i loved what you said about “this system is made by a human,so its not perfect!” this is surely 100% true, at least this is what i believe..
    about the question… first of all, im proud to be Muslim, and Jordanian.. but more Proud to be Circassian (Adiga).. it just runs in my blood.. you cant believe how proud i am.. like sometimes it cause me tears to feel that im away from my homeland, i will return to it oneday.. inshallah..
    im proud of my grand grandfather, how he and all fought for nothing but their honor, for hundreds of years the greatest countries in the world at that time couldnt tough an inch from our land.. till they killed all villages and they got them from everywhere, eventhough , we fought till the end.. my family sign was taken by someone with a note. that “we came to this town and found nothing,, all been ruined by war, all its people were killed by russians.. and we found this sign on the houses and graves” can you believe how proud this makes me? if read the right books it will tell you how strong circassians were.. the great russia and it F**ing cizr couldnt step on one inch for thousands of years.. and for hundrends of years in war.. you surely know what that means..
    Dave; when i want to thank allah for anything, i start by thanking for the greatest thing in my life, that im adiga, and of course true believer and Jordanian..
    now, we got most of our land back there in russia, there’s the adiga republic, and kabardino balqaria republic,, the adiga republic has the adiga flag on all the organizations and goverment building, in cars o houses, everywhere.. and here what it means:
    the kabardino republic has another flag but still represents caucasus,on bottom, green: our land is green, white two mountain top; represents the white mountains we have cuz its the highest mountains in all europe (albruz) and snowy all the year, and at the top the color is blue because our sky is blue..
    so , I AM PROUD, everything i am is proud of what i am..
    i feel sorry for those who miss what honor means and what pride means.. like those children who didnt have anyone to teach them how to have honor for theirr land and respect for their ancestor..
    Honor above self..
    God bless all freedom loving people..

  7. JANO::woow….i`m so shoked! ur comment was gr8! i`m proud of being a muslim akeed! coz i knew the real islam not the MEDIA islam!..and i`m also proud for being a PALESTINIAN..coz my dad my grand father and man ppl of my Relatives died for this case too! but i really feel a shame when i say that i`m arabic! u shud thank god that u r not!
    and about the system! i hate it, with all of this cevlisation they didn`t get its reazon! the cevelisation was made to comfort the human being,here comes they other Q…dose this cevelisation comfort the human being!?..absolutly No, but the prob is not from the technology we `ve reached! its from the system! it gives us a small scale to live, my ambitions r falling one by one with time! y shud we wait for our destinies…who knowz maybe god wants to change the system(the world) by US!by our FREE WILL!…but with sorrow i`m saying: ppl just want to live ,they dont want to feel honor,victory and glory

    i just wanted to ryt this lyrics that i wrote!

    palestine…how u doing?..how u breathing ur poluted air?
    palestine…r u dying?…please arab kings nevermind about ur chairs

    hey u our politcians what do u want exactly?
    hey u our politcians what do u want exactly?

    do u want me?:D

    hitting the enemy in his base
    following him to any place
    being loyal to my case
    putting the paint on my face…in the battle field

    or u want me?
    falling down on my knees
    nodding head to the enemy
    watching my friends and family
    have been killed in front of me
    o plz god help me
    they r blind they cannot c

    just search for the truth its evrywhere
    our freedome is not for sale

    is all what we need in this life
    love…hope ..and peace
    must fullfill our unorgiven world

    gimme ur opinion GUYS!

  8. heeey Dave
    i loved your comment as well.. if you took really good care of yourself you’ll be different, you already are.. i hope oneday you can change something 🙂
    the lyrics are so great and touching..
    the way you thing is interesting and i respect it.. some people thought iam against all arabs and palestinians, but this shows that iam not,, god bless you and be with us all..
    jd deer balak 3ala 7alak 3endak 3a2el ndeef 🙂

  9. 🙂 thank u walaw!! i wrote evth coz i was like :O from ur comment! i really loved it,o u know akeed inno musta7eel a7ki hiek kalam with someone i didn`t respect ! got it…i hope i can change this humanity by a small organization, and it will come bigger and bigger with time!..i hope we can have a huge brain like urs it will help us well!..revelution will come with a high price,

    ps: we r muslims i dont belive in the arab nation! (sala7 il din lebirat jerusalem bcoz he was a muslim not bcoz he was arabian,hwe kurdi aslan)

  10. after reading some of the comments i saw thatttt some ppl wrote i dont blame the KIDS coz there just KIDS U NO but i dnt agree if they no how to read and write they understand wat they are saying and doing to lebanase people they just want the holy land and i really am proud of syria for helping lebo GOD BLESS SYRIA!!ISRAEL USA HOW MANYKIDS HAVE U KILLED 2DAY

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