Hope and Pain

Lebanon, You’re the victim, the only one that is suffering,
i can see you crying, the tears of the land thats being aggrieved and torn apart.. i can hear you calling and shouting for mercy and maybe alittle justice, but no one is out there, and your voice been muted..
Will your children wake up? and give you the treat you deserve? will they try? one more time? will others realise how helpless you are, or they just know no matter what, you’ll be the most beautiful bride again?
I can hear you saying Enough, I just hope they also can.

who doesnt remember reemi bandali’s song, A3tona al tofoleh? listen again

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جينا نعيدكم… بالعيد منسألكم
ليش ما في عنا… لا عياد ولا زينة
يا عالم
أرضي محروقة
أرضي حرية مسروقة

سمانا عمتحلم… تسأل الأيام
وين الشمس الحلوة… ورفوف الحمام
يا عالم
أرضي محروقة
أرضي حرية مسروقة

أرضي زغيرة… متلي زغيرة
ردولا السلام… اعطونا الطفولة

اعطونا الطفولة
اعطونا الطفولة
اعطونا الطفولة
اعطونا… اعطونا… اعطونا السلام

10 thoughts on “Enough!!

  1. its heart breaking whats happening, innocent children being slaughtered, crimes against humanity, goes to show how much of a heartless ruthless racists the israely are, and what do they care. their rabbi’s even said its perfectly okay to kill chidren and women, imagine that?

    And what is really sad and frustrating is the lack of western media coverage of the israely crimes commited in Lebanon, all they talk about is hezbollah and terrorism and israel’s right to defend itself, but never did they show the images of death and destruction and the photos of innocent civilianz killed by the donzens.

    And it will always be this way, as long as we don’t have any powerful mediums directed specificaly to the west, especialy the U.S, there should be a television channel that broadcasts to the U.S and is strong enough and unbiased enough to compete with the tycoons of american media, to show the naked truth as it is, sadly there will never be such a thing as long as Jews control the capital and resources in the U.S.

  2. Jano – it is in my mind 24 hours aeday, literally! what’s going on there is nothing short of GENOCIDE! In my life I won’t comprehend how a humen can do that .. to another human!! They don’t bomb military-installation – it’s ALL infrastructure!
    They want people to leave south Lebanon but bombed all the escape-roads (are they supposed to grow wings and FLY out?) yesterday they shelled two trucks which they THOUGHT were mobile launchers – but at close look .. they were drill-trucks, for drilling holes! So ALL what SEEMS to be suspicious, is shelled … and afterwards checked – I have no words anymore!
    I just closed the phone with a good friend in Saida! He and his family, wife, 5-year old and 8-monzths old baby, mother and aunt, are trapped – all the roads are destroyed and to try a way around is far to dangerous! I did my utmost to convince him to at least TRY to find out if there’s a foreign convoy out, to the boarder with Syria and to safety .. I only hope he will do that! Through the phone I head a major impact of a shell .. it was a LOUD blow … and he told me right away it was rather near – he saw the smoke rising! Believe me I was trembling from worry and fear for the lives of my friends! It is SUCH a nightmare!! I wanted to pull them to safety through the phone .. I wish I could just beam them here!


  3. yes its enough, something has to change, god hes the one who can make the big change and god says “la you’3ayero allaho ma beqawmen 7ata ye’3ayero ma be 2anfosehem” so we have to wait i guess :S

  4. Karin, i also call my friend and he went to the mountains , they bombed just beside his house 😦 his friends lost their homes, nothing compares to someone lost everything even families and friends,, home and shelter.. god be with them.. god bless lebanon, the small country that could stand tall and strong for ages, i can feel how lebanon is tired, even too tires from wars..
    inshallah all will be fine at last..

  5. w lessa…

    today Israel gathered all its force to occupy…today we’ll witness genocides and massacres against innocent people. It’s a disgrace

    بس الشعب العربي القذر مش فاضي…

  6. you know what bothers me .. eno after 1 or 2 months .. it will be the new normal … just like iraq .. or palestine …

    ppl will still be killed everyday … bah

  7. Jano – Lebanon WILL be fine again … but it will take time! The Lebanese people are GREAT people and with the help of the civilized world it will stand up again – more beautiful than ever! I REALLY BELIEVE THAT!!

  8. Abed.Hamdan wallah el wa7ad mesh 3aref sho bedo ye7ke..

    Dadan; haik hommeh be7mo bsor3a 3ala fashoosh

    Moey el wa7ad eza ma 7aka bef2a3!

    Karin, i really hope so this time..

  9. I am num from what has been happening and lost for words as to what to say and have never felt so helpless. I have to agree with what Bakkouz had said.

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