Im thinking now who could be that Daddy-long-legs 🙂 There’s a JanMania.com that leads you directly to my blog, which is really nice thing to have, but i dont know how, when and who.. i have some thoughts but i still dont know.. heh

Well, I even got an email from them(jano@janmania.com).. talking very nicely and saying that they are not sick stalker and called me sister, which is really amazing you know. i really loved the idea of JanMania.com, and im repeating it for you guys to remember it lol jk!

So, now Daddy-long-legs, wont you tell me who you are?

P.S. i used this term just for the mystery of the character nothing less and nothing more, and the fact that Judy Abbott was wondering who he was. :p


Mystery’s been solved and i have now the account jano@janmania.com, send me emails at that one if you want 🙂 i would be happy..

thank you Mr. Long-Legs

18 thoughts on “JanMania.com

  1. aiwaa fee lokka bil mawdoo3 absar sho il gossa bas sho bidhom fio? o meen hadol internet-freedom? 3ajeeb! o laish ma ya36ooki iyah? lazem ya3tooki iyah lazem!

  2. hehehe thanks moey your comment and bakkouz’s mean alot since no one commented lol

    i wish they show it again on any tv :S

  3. Not true … I came as well to comment!:):) I am glad the riddle is finally solved – it would have been a mess otherwise!
    Big hug!!

  4. Jano:

    I beleive that Qwaider brought you http://www.Janmania.com

    ask him when he’s back…

    I remember he posted it as a comment in his..

    It’s a redirect domain name, also the email

    I have similar one: abedhamdan.com ==>directs u to abedhamdan.blogspot.com

    you can buy one from yahoo.com or any other place, and it’s cheap..2$/year 🙂

  5. He mentioned that on one of the comments on his posts..I forgot which one..

    but he did mention this, im sure. search his posts on June.

  6. Abed; thanks 🙂

    Moey walak lol no he’s a great bro 😉

    and wallahe everytime i say i should add you and i forget, khalas i will add it now,, cuz i have to go to your comment to go to your blog each time , and you know im a constant visitor there 😉

    walak i just saw that im not in your blogroll!! lol roo7 roo7 add me ba3dain ez3al, btw i added u 🙂

  7. Qwaider:

    no wallah I remember such thing…on your blog…

    msh metzakker sho kan el link jamania or jansait…eshi zai haik ??

    sa7 ??

  8. Qwaider, its ok.. i know who it is ..

    Abed, aaaaaaaaah hada on my blog.. i dont remember where but i was talking about such thing and he told me that janmania.com and something like this leads to me blog, that what i remember, he just found it..

    Moey, sho kan el esem? wela lazem aktashef? lol

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