Thank You toot…


toot are really great for giving the 1st place design prize to bakkouz.. you know why, because most people voted for him and because his design rulez 😀

Do you like this new blog theme? ok, how about the header image and the logo on the sidebar ?? yeah i know you like them 😉 the header and the logo all bakkouz’s design! wow! isnt it beautiful?? thank you so much bakkouz, and well done toot! tho im not yet on your list for i dono what reason!! this is unfair! eh! lol its ok guys, Take Your Time!

I really love my new theme, thank you wordpress for the cool themes,((bakkouz’s blog supported by wordpress also 🙂 )) and thank you bakkouz for the nice header and logo, thank you Jano(me) for the nice posts, lol and hopefully in the coming days i would say thank you toot for the fast adding :p

p.s. sometimes when you’re bored at work you can make beautiful things and have beautiful ideas 😉

20 thoughts on “Thank You toot…

  1. And thank you your majesty for allowing me and giving me the honor of making them for you 🙂

    Also the toot gang are a nice bunch i’m sure they’ll pick you too … come on guys she deserves to be on toot.. hmm we should launch a “Jano on toot” campaign? 😛

  2. Oh this one is gorgeous … I LOVE IT … nice and clean
    Very attractive 🙂
    The banner on top is so cute too …
    Good job guys

  3. nice bakkouzed post 😉 hahaha.. and tbh janos I don’t like this theme much the older one was better.. and again maybe its me

  4. naturalblu; sholle normal fyo? eh!!

    Bakkouz; you rule man 😀

    Dadan; great to hear that from a great designer like you 😉

    Abed. Hamdan; thank you 🙂

    Qwaider thanks alot 😀 this is too nice of you and yeah is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine 😀 i dono how tho :p

    Karin; thanks dear 🙂 glad you liked it 🙂

    Moey, hehehehehe thanks but this one is really neat tho the other one seemed so original and anazing i know..

    Chet; glad you liked it too 😀 hey the stuff will be sent today 😀

    thanks all and if anyone in the future has other comments on this dont hesitate.. 🙂 cant stop looking at my new theme 🙂

  5. “Please note: the owner of the domain name is specified in the “registrant” field.
    In most cases, the Registrar is not the owner of domain names listed in this database.

    6563 139th Av NE #766
    Redmond, Washington 98052
    United States

    Registered through:
    Domain Name: JANMANIA.COM
    Created on: 25-Jun-06
    Expires on: 25-Jun-08
    Last Updated on: 25-Jun-06″

    this is what i got

  6. lol shofet ballah? ele mghalbeen 7alhom makhdeno men cheap-domains.. bs wallah im happy that i have it and look! its expired in 2008 😀 wallah nice.. bs jd mesh fahmeh keef sar haik?

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