He Needs Titles! you movies freaks

**Ok guys gona start mass movie download
So give me some good titles … horror and comedy recommend, but feel free to list any 5 movies you like … ?

I hope am gona get replies on this post …**


click on the text above.

Qwaider, Bakkouz and all.. this is your moment hehehe my friend needs help, try to do before 3 am :p lol jk!

It would be better if you write your lists there in his site, its not that i mind but sure it would e more direct 🙂 thanks for your efforts :p

17 thoughts on “He Needs Titles! you movies freaks

  1. Salam,

    Give me the link I will give ya 5 movies 🙂

    Last Updated 07/09/2006
    1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
    2. Superman Returns
    3. The Devil Wears Prada
    4. Click
    5. Cars
    6. Nacho Libre
    7. The Lake House
    8. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
    9. Waist Deep
    10. The Break-Up


  2. Palforce beat me to these 😦 but .. I totally agree wit his list, Although I would put the breakup a little bit higher than waist deep
    For horror. Nothing good this year but
    Silent Hill
    The Omen
    See no Evil
    Saw I, II , III
    Underworld: Evolution
    The Hills he eyes

  3. Chek my previous comment, there is a part tat is not showing since I used some illigal characters it seem. Tryto get the rest of the list back

  4. Hi,

    I believe that there are classics to every movie lover Library:
    -The Godfather Trilogy
    -Pulp Fiction
    -Star Wars (if you are a fan)
    -Silence of the Lambs

    If you are looking for new stuff, I can provide a big list…

  5. Sorry dear .. I’m afraid I can’t help you here – I’m not a movi-freak AT ALL! I’ll be around though … not leaving ya!!;)!!

  6. Sorry dear .. I’m afraid I can’t help you here – I’m not a movie-freak AT ALL! I’ll be around though … not leaving ya!!;)!!

  7. Moey, i guess it is now.. thanks alot 🙂 linked it to sha3teeli

    Karin, neither i am.. lol thats why i asked ppl for help lool thanks alot dear 🙂

  8. thank you jano …
    thank you ppl 😀 … let me know if anyone intersted in movies … 4 movies for 1 jd .. popcorn included …

  9. Bakkouz thanks 🙂

    dadan; walaw 😉 ba3dain jayebtellak shellet abu nsair o jayeen.. walak 3an jad seer eshtaghel hal business!!! gher kol ahel jerash yeltammo 3endak loool

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