Ok i know i’ve been away for along time, four days ive been told i really dont know, but i came here with some of news, announcments and updates 🙂


First: Karin Wins at Jano’s blog

I found out that my blog’s comments counter exceeded the 1000 time ago, so i searched and searched and found that comment number 1000 was from Karin 😀 congrats Karin, and me of course, but Karin please send your address to my email im gonna send you something, not a big thing, but just a small gift cuz i said long ago that commenter number 1000 will win 😉

Second: Italy wins! in Jeel Club
Im gonna show you some photos of Final World Cup at Jeel Club.. it was really amazing.. me was happy for the result 😀 wow hehe

Third: Bakkouz’s Visit

well, bakkouz came July 10, with our friend Hashem shhanouq, i didnt take photos, just the thing that bakkouz is used to eat when he visits.. Haliva and Tabouleh hehe and after he ate he said “now i can die happily” i wonder why he didnt :p lol
we had a nice time and then he went running to get his ?? (later he will tell you)

Forth: Telecom Circle Update

i had things to do at JTC Tla al ali and as you know i passed by telecom circle (not actually) i had the chance to see it from a distance.. i made the taxi stop before i reached the circle with 100 meter maybe or more! cuz look at this! i got in another taxi after i finished and asked him which is better now or before, he said now its an organized traffic, so i guess that was a purpose of the circle l2eno e7na sha3eb organized!

Telecom circle

Last but not least:

I had to say goodbye to very nice german girl who went back to germany today morning;
she’s an amazing person and gave me a CD with europian music and songs, thanks Anja and i really hope you liked my gift 🙂 please take care and have a nice trip..
Gonna miss you for sure ..


16 thoughts on “Quickies

  1. Well Jano … I’m speechless! HOW SWEET YOU ARE – thanks so much!! That is SUCH a sweet idea …I really don’t know what to say … I’ll send you my address, no problem – actually it is right here under my name!

    Italy won … yes – I was 50/50 and didn’t REALLY care!I DO MISS the championship though … it was SO nice to wait almost every eevning for a game ect – I LOVED IT!!

    This circle thing there in Ammar seems to become a major nightmare! Say .. dosn’t anbody say a word? Nobody cares? I can hardly believe it … it can be SO EASY!!

    Hmmmmm, Tabbouleh – I LOVE IT!!! And Halva … if it wouldn’t have a million calories per bite …. 😦

    I’M glad you had a great time with your German friend!!

    Again .. thanks SO MUCH Jano … that is sooooo sweet of you!! :):):)

  2. hey Karin you’re always welcome 😉 that circle is my own nightmare really!! i asked a taxi i got in there if he uses this circle alot, he sais yes then i asked him if its better with lights or not, he said its the same but now its an organized hell of traffic… i will keep watching,, now they are making it a very very smaller circle..

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  4. 3n jad ma 7ada shafek lama sawarte el 7aleva wel tabooleh :S
    and really nice pic’s u took in jeel
    italy rules france sucks 😀

  5. nashret a5bar elsa3a 10 ;p
    I wasn’t happy for that result 😦 , & I like halfa, tabbooleh so much. BTW, is that person in last picture on the left called “Rasha” ?!

  6. she’s my cousin(bent khalte) i invited her with us 🙂 and i did cuz i know how she’s obsessed with germans lol
    how do you know her?

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