Anathema in Jordan

Anathema Official Site

Anathema Concert will be in Al-Ahlieyh University stage, Aug 25 2006 🙂

Isnt this amazing??? IT IS! \m/



Tickets are available to buy online now!

Ticket prices will be 30JD including sales tax

Tickets will be available to buy from the selling points in

Amman between 27.07.06 – 17.08.06

Tickets are NOT available to buy on the door




Dear all; as you all may have seen,

10% of Anathema’s concert

proceeds will be donated to the

Lebanese and Palestine red cross

and crescent

ROCK ON ANATHEMA!!!!!!! \m/ and another time you just RULE!

Update : 😀


137 thoughts on “Anathema in Jordan

  1. u forgot to say that u gonna invite ur lil sister 😛 \m/
    bas anyway still there is more than month o enshalah ma telta’3a zay opeth :S

  2. 1st of all we that it will not be cancled like OPETH concert.

    2nd …. arena stage !? it only can handle 5000 ppl … i think if they make an open air concert …. more fans will come and watch them rocking 😀

  3. Zaid; thanks for telling me about anathema coming in your blog 🙂 im so excited 😀 lazem ne3mal re7leh honak lal adiga hehehe really! bs absar adaish el tickets.. we have to ask

  4. ya36eko el 3afieh shabab, my brother is the agent for the promotion company in jordan and i will not be canceled as it is a big british company that is bringing them i also herd there will be bands from jordan and lebanon playing before anathema!
    check this website for details and updates on tickets
    also keep sending messages to anathemas website on the guestbook telling them how much we are looking forward for the gig.

    Rock On Jordan \m/

  5. st.anger ; first of all and ppl, for the million time, im a giiiiiiiiirl. and thanks alot st.anger, i already went to their site and wrote two comments, and sent an email to the manager.. plus! opeth’s managers are british and those who canceled the concert 😦
    anyway, ikk go check the site u gave me now,, thanks 🙂

    Karin thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks 😀 btw, good luck for today.

  6. Great! 😀

    Am interested, and I know a couple of guys who would be. I really hope they don’t cancel it 🙂

  7. I heard about this a couple of days ago. I think this is amazing.

    Anathema performing live in Jordan… way cool. 🙂

    I hope I’ll be in Amman by then!

  8. I heard about this a couple of days ago. I think this is amazing.

    Anathema performing live in Jordan…. way cool 🙂

    I hope I’ll be in Amman by then!

  9. I heard about this a couple of days ago. I think this is amazing.

    Anathema performing live in Jordan …. way cool 🙂

    I hope I’ll be in Amman by then!

  10. Ok bas mo lazem ahel 3amman ye3zimo il dyoof (bi ma ino ana ra7 akoon bil 3agabeh) ? 😛
    3ala kollin iza Jano bit2oli a3zimha 6ab3an ba3zimha walaw 😛 bas yemken hiyeh shiklo 7abeh troo7 ma3 nas tanyeen 😯

  11. i dont know whats the matter of metal concerts in jordan … i hope this one by anathema opens the gate to bands to come and play ….

    and its a nice thing that the local bands will play …. i went to some metal concerts here in jordan …. reallly !!! we have profs. in playing metal music … specially Augury [ my best ] , Virgin Killer & Esodic.

    Moonspell was in morrocco in 3rd of july … and Kreator the famous band from germany was too there last year …. testament and megadeth was in DUBIA last year also … so anathema inshallah will play …and I WILL GOOOOO 😀 and have some moshpits :p

  12. I saw that first on moey’s blog : http;// on jordan planet, ur not a nice blogger you have to mention that you got the link from his blog.

    Circle of death –

  13. Hey Guys.. this is my first comment in this site…. I really can’t wait to see Anathema performing in Jordan, I though that this day will never come… hope to meet all of you guys in the concert……..

  14. Jano 🙂

    please don’t say that, I don’t wanna think about cancelation, at least lets enjoy waiting for them, I’ve been fan of them Long time ago, and their songs really inspired me alot….

  15. Moey wow!! this is really amazing 😀 you know after the disappointing of Opeth..
    thanks alot for visiting and supporting 😉
    great site you have really.. rocks!
    do you have any idea about the tickets?

    Hosam; me too 😀

  16. hada so far el kol taking credit la 7afleh anathema! jordan metal is not the offical website in fact no one is soo if u want any info you check anathema website or the organisors a company called 8vp live.
    isha3at kthereh . shokran jano

  17. Jano.. sorry for the complication, i bet it’s my friend berjawi who posted this.. isn’t the official site of the event, the event is run by a company called 8vp live and their website.. and I actually knew berjawi used me details here.. I better change the email address i use for posting, since I was asking the company to be their official website for the event and they replied to me with a quote reply from your blog. is only official for Global Battle of the bands, middle east – jordan, which is taking place in september, also at Amman Al-Ahliyyeh Arena.

    and same details i posted on my site:
    8:VP-Live is UK based concert promotion company and is part of 8 Video Productions (, we are looking to expand our business to the Middle East area by arranging for artists from all over the world to play in Arabic countries, we feel that a lot of artists and bands have a huge fan base in the Middle East but unfortunately these countries are never included in their tours!

    We are in negotiations with various bands and artists to arrange shows in Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt. We need YOU to tell us who would you like to see the most next by clicking on the contact us form. The first band is Anathema and they are playing a show on 25.08.06 at the Al-Ahliyya Amman University Arena. Tickets will be for selling on 14/7.

    sorry for the mistakes again. peace out!

  18. slayer; thanks for stopping by.. where did you get to my blog from? alot of ppl are visitng here for the first time and i dont know is it something about anathema or just the blog.. i guess moey didnt say that is now the official site.. and it its goin to be then it would be a nice thing that a jordanian site is the official for such things..

    Moey; yeah that what i exactly read..
    its ok about berjawi. i always face such things with some ppl.. anyway, i didnt know what was the problem here about i guess you said its goin to be so you didnt ensure anything..

    hey guys keep visiting 🙂

  19. hey dudez .. I am from Syria and I heard that ANATHEMA are goin to ordan !! wooooooow ,.. i am so gonna be there … lets just hpe that they dont cancel it cuz i heard a lil about metal concerts in Jordan .. so are we goi to be lucky and watch the gods of doom play !? lets just hope for it … one last question .. does anyone know about the tickets ?! please inform me .. thnx alot …..
    cheers \m/

  20. hey billy; as soon as i know i will inform but i guess now after the attack against lebanon they wont come, nothing is for sure now but we will see
    till now they didnt cancel anything, keep writing for them and asking them not to cancel please guys

  21. hi everyone, guys i think keep talking about a cancllation is going to make the band think twice of why should they come here, i think if they have confirmed it thats it, they are very proffessional and we should have some trust and stop going on about it, foucs on how cool it is goin to be. they know the situation here and they r ok but if we keep scaring them its not to our benift.

    anathema forever

  22. ticket design have been released!!!!!!! but no price yet!!!!!!!!!! i guess i have to agree with jeep, if the tickets go on sale that means they wont cancle because if they want to because of situation they’d cancel before they release the ticket i think we got nothin to worry about

  23. jeep and donnie darko im so happy you’re here guys and we were talkin about the canceling because opeth canceled even after the tickets were sold!
    anyway enough talkin about canceling you were right…


  24. Tickets aviliable to buy online now!

    Tickets prices will be 30JD including sales tax

    Tickets will be avilable from the selling points in Amman on the 27.07.06.

  25. Now the price is set…. 😀 at… and it very good prics.. 😀

    Tickets aviliable to buy online now!

    Tickets prices will be 30JD including sales tax

    Tickets will be avilable from the selling points in Amman on the 27.07.06.

  26. ur right i just check their website!! im so happy its jd30 🙂 i was worried it was goin to be 70jd. i guess jano what i meant to say was that the bombing happend recently and if they were going to cancle for that reason they wouldnt have released the tickets, it looks like a proper company doin it so i got good feeling about it


  27. I’m not gonna buy it because of 2 reasons :
    * I might be at UK by that time or Kuwait.
    * I’m afraid it gets cancelled so If I stay i’m buying it the last second before the show (2-3 days earlier)

  28. hi i bought my tickets 10 mintues ago, about moey buying your ticket the last second, i understand that but the reason they r realesing the tickets for a limited amount is to see if there will be enought ppl coming so if nobody buy tickets they will cancle it!
    + the tickets wont be avilable for sale after 17 august, unless u want to buy it soog soda for 100jd

    thanks jano for the cool blog

  29. donnie darko wow you’re lucky!! i dont have now 30JD!! 😦 and i really dont know where im getting them from cuz all my salary flew!! anyway, where did you get it from??

    hey thanks for the nice words, you’re welcome \m/

  30. ah min el website taba3hom, it is the safest way as if its cancled you dont have to chase for a refund you just call ur credit card company and they will get ur money back striaght away (i work in a bank). so i would rather do that + dont want the tickets to run out Opeth sold out in like 2 weeks i remeber.

    salam guys

  31. hey everybody we are a larg groupe from syria – Lattakia ….
    i wanna ask about the tickits and the that we should buy them ( how where and when ) and it is really amazing …. thnx

  32. Aboood till now i guess its from the net but i will ask today some places here in amman where we can buy them,, and you should buy them through the net or one of you come to Amman to buy for the group before aug 17 i guess


    Hosam, el 7al men ba3do 😦

  33. the tickets will be sold at beats,mute and somewhere else in jabal il 7ussien…Anathema is gr8!..and the organiser said that if this concert worked it will open the door for the Metal movment in JORDAN!…3o2bal ma yeeju KING DIAMOND!!

  34. thanks alot dave :), I hope this is true…. my first band is Anathema, but I dunno, I really would like to see a concert for Metallica too in Jordan..

  35. man whoz metallica!!..metallica was good when DAVE mustain was in the band! place for the sold out metal…metallica died..i love them bt its the truth…another place would sell the tickets..”vedio home” in mecca mall!..whoz going to the metal gig in wooden on 29th july!! (local bands) ;)..enjoy guys

  36. yea Metallica dead, but still I would be glad to see them life in Jordan….. every metal fan dreamed of that oneday ,, 🙂

  37. metallica ya i7’wan, you would need about 30000 people to buy tickets for 100jd to come just think of their trucks of euipment they need to ship!! and they probably charge at least half a million dollars!

    i dont think it will ever happen! not even in Dubai!!

    so i think we should thank god anathema are coming!

    on the other hand im sure megadeth would come if promoters find a profit from doing concerts in jordan.

    maybe will have a festival next summer with lots of bands, that would be cool!

  38. hey guys now i`m coming and i will feel gr8 wehn i`m there watching AnathemA coz i`ll feel like i`m helping our brothers in lebanon,in fact i`m buying 2 tickets now ……and i think we should encourge our friends to go ,even if they dont know anything about AnathemA …….coz i`m sure they r gonna b the new fans of anathema and this will make the band happy 2 play here,and who knows maybe the band will make it ana annual concert…..WOW i have good feeling abi\out it.

  39. yeah man i think this is perfect, the band will make a profit, it will encourge other bands to come to jordan, we will have a damn good time and help our brothers in lebanon!!!
    i think every1 we know should come even if they dont know anathema!!

    rock on jordan

  40. Hosam; i agree..

    Opeth81; i wish that festival will take an annual place here in amman 😀 that would be great badal ma ye3maloolo jerash o batteekh ye3malo haik ashya2. lol seriously!

    need4speed thanks alot for the great info ill check now and update it here

    lebanese you’re most welcome 😀

    minus-human i agree 100%

    Moey walak u said u may not come la tfawel 3alena lol inshallah they will come for sure!

  41. ah ya i7’wan wallah fe amal kteer mabneh 3ala hal 7afleh, itha btothbot wo bejy nas ktheer, mne7ky ma3 el organisors (hatol 8vip) wo mn7’alehom ye3malolna festival mratb el saif el jay! bas hieh el nas tejy 3al hal 7afleh wo ma te3mal mashakel!

  42. Hail 666
    At last .. Jordan will make something official and real .. I hope there will be cancelling like Opeth Concerto’
    Whatever …
    I met alot of bands .. 2 bands are missed Slayer And Anathem .. inshallah im gonna see anathema in Jordan (Wherereerererer In jordan) ? who would dare to belive ? LoL
    Me and my friends from london dubai california all comin to jordan and we all hope that everythin is gonna be ROCK.
    Let’s Hail
    nailed to the cross …
    Jesus FUCK OFF
    Hail Metal heads .. fuck shadows and wannabez
    Let’s njoy it to the balls and to the guts ~

    much love and respect to the Old doom and New Progressive rock band ANATHEMA ….

  43. lol about the tickets lie ..
    Im like WTF .. its tjhe biggest lie i’ve heard ..
    awena no tickets on the door .. or online
    cum on sponsers .. we are not new in metal ..
    and i think there will be no big sales ..
    hahhaha … dun make it like its the gig of the year or makin anathema DVD LoL

  44. hey guys 🙂 im happy you are all here talking about that 🙂 IT IS a big thing to happen in Amman.. are the tickets already in mute and beats?

  45. opeth81 : I knw enno se3eb yejo, but you can’t blame a man for dreaming :P……

    Janoz: Tickets on sale in 27/07…

    I don’t want to think about canceling, at Least I want to enjoy waiting for them :)….

  46. opeth81 : You can’t blame a man for dreaming :), I know enno shebeh mosta7eel yejo

    Janoz: Tickets will be available in 27/07

  47. ya ahmed why the f** would they say they sold out when they need to sell tickets?!!!!!!!!! ya3ny man6eq el sha3’leh!!!
    and yes it is a big deal that they r coming at this hard times, bekafy inhom mtbar3een la lebnan wo falsteen, inteh sho 3melet ballah la tsa3ed hal masakeen sa7ee7 ino el 3arab ma besta7o!
    and what the f*** are u doing on here if u dont like them or u want to go?!!!!
    hathola 6agagony ely begolak anathema 7’arah wo bdnash nejy!! ay la6eezy ma ajeto!

  48. guyz..inshalla beejo,its gonna b gr8…anyways..yousef & samer (mute`s owners) told me that the tickets will b in mute in about 4 days or less…so prepare ur 30 Jds guys;)….walkom i`m in heaven,5allaset twjihi o italy won the WORLD CUP..o anathema JAYYEEN!..o inshalla btet7arrar falasteen soon..god BLESS 7ezballa!!…rly its GR8

  49. Hosam, thanks and sorry i dont know why your comments were in spam.. its ok now i guess..

    AMEEN; no bad words please! and without saying all that ele bedo yeje yeje ele ma bedo its ok, too many people will show up, mesh jayeh men wa7ad wela tnain they are free to come or say whatever they think..

    Dave Mustain i guess this friday is tawjihi results 🙂 bel tawfee2 inshallah.. o i was with brazil but at last i wanted Italy to win 🙂 about palestine, pray for god things wont get worse cuz it cant be any better, mesh eno im negative but its the way it is,,

  50. Dave mustain : me and my freind will be at Mute from the early morning el 5amees el jay,,, fa fekrak benla2y el tickits nazleh walla la2, la2enno ana seme3et enno enno enba3at 500 tickets men 2abel 7atta ma yenzalo…

  51. LoL wallah i cant understand this freakin language u use guyz .. plz write arabic or english .. i can’t understand anything
    We will nail him to the cross ANATHEMA …
    we are all waiting for ya .. (although i know yr not coming 😛 )
    Let’s pray for god .. that anathema we come alive to joradan .. God guide Al Qaeda guys away from this concert and Hozbollah rockets away from us .. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    Peace Niggers … LoL
    Jordan … Jordan who would dare to belive ~!? lol

  52. Ameen .. 1st who da fuck told ya that i dun like anathema .. and who da fuck told ya that im not doing anything to help palestinians ONLY and i dun give a fuck about the others … Whatever i dun wanna make it sounds like political forum …
    i fuckin worship anathem a.. and im dyin up here to catch anathema in any concert …
    That’s it NIGGER

  53. Dave ….
    I just wonder how do u pray for palestine to be free ? and yr nickname is JEW dave mustain .. shame on yr ass @
    habibi are ya new in heavy metal ? dun ya know whoz this faget ? Dun ya know that he sang for all blondes in dubai ? he was afraid to sing hollywars .. till he saw the fags all from american canadians … etc fags !
    if ya really palestinian metaller .. you should change yr fag name ?
    dun discuss this .. just change it ..
    shame on you @!
    u know how many times he goes and prays on the jew wall in al aqsa …? he goes 4 times a year .. and plays concerts in israel more than america ..
    thats it ..
    so mustain is yr enemy ..
    you should not be a palestinian shadow

  54. Hosam; its ok never mind 🙂 i will check the spam everyday.. hehe

    Ahmad please no F word here, shafferha if you have to use it here 🙂 thanks.

    guys cool it down, i dont want this post to be ruined.. and please dont turn this to a political subject..
    after all this is a girl’s blog (my blog) i want it to be respected and clean..

    thank you for understanding

  55. AHMAD…if u know about politics!!..u shud know the defrence between JEWS and zionests!!…ya3ni for Example: hetler killed jews in the ww2 not zionests! its a religion!..and i hate ISRAEL! coz they r zionests! o i dont think inno u know about metal better than me! and Dave is not a jew..coz u know HOLLYWARS!..its against israel man! i7na il 3arab 3enna 3o2det il mu2amara dayman!!…if u knew ino dave in7abas after holly wars u wudn`t say this! ..anyway its our point of veiw man..think well b4 anth again! ;)…thank u janoz…allah yostor bel 3alamat..jaboolna exam DEEN BUTHI! hehe

  56. i wrote sth rong…i ment Dave mustain is not a Zionest!…sorry guys…and another thing…dave is my example of music,not of life…and Che guevara is my example of revolution!…i`m muslim,but i have to learn from others to do what i`ve learned for my ambitions,goals and to free PALESTINE and anyother Islamic country! ;)..bye

  57. i forgot another halla2 sar mabyoo3 800 tickets in mute abil ma yewsalu..bokra the tickets will b avilable lalli lessa ma shtara (iza wesel la mute tickets fo2 il 800) Got it guys!?

  58. inshalah nela72 njeeb tathaker, wallah sheklhom ra7 yenba30 3al saree3 wo hada lesa ma balsho ye3malo de3aieh el sherkeh smetet ino bedhom ye7o6o billboards kbereh bel shaware3 7’an la7eg neshtary gabel ma sa7abak el s3oodieh ye7’alsohom

  59. It’s pretty sad I’m not returning to jordan this summer 😥 but hey that’s awsum… anathema in jordan…. they sure do have great popularity in Irbid speically HAKAMA guys & niggas… snif… by the way ahmed…. I guess u’ve been a bit harsh on the guy… give him a break dude… he only listens to the fags music… he’s not gonna convert or something… and oh! i’m sure u’ve heard alternative 4 one of anathema’s greatest… they sing for jews… so u r going to their gig huh? meaning…. music is judged on it’s artistic value…. not religious ya jahel… ^_^

  60. zezof ya jahel explain to me how is alternative 4 about jews?!!! jus because it says the word holocaust it doesnt mean its about jews!!!!!!!!!!!! holocaust means MAJZARA and even the context of the word doesnt indicate in any way to jews.
    fa bekafiek habal wo falsafeh ma bdha .


    It’s killing you, you’re killing me
    I’m clinging on to my sanity
    All I need is a short term remedy
    Come and hide me from this terrible reality…

    Dreaded memories flood back to me
    But there’s still a willful mind behind these cold
    psychotic eyes
    Now I tread this path so differently
    I’ve opened my mind and darkened my entire life.

    I’ll dance with the angels to celebrate the holocaust,
    And far beyond my far gone pride,
    Is knowing that we’ll soon be gone,
    Knowing that I’ll soon be gone…

  62. well, its not about jews at all, anyway, even if it was, it says to celebrate the holocaust and about the pride that had been gone and that im soon gonna be also gone, so i guess IF it was mentioning jews it would be no good one for them hehehe so whatever, i prefer not to link everything, just enjoy the music and the vocalist, as anathema said; they are coming to Jordan to spread the word of hope, the word of love..
    i hope i wont see someone wearing black hehehe e2lebooha valentine 😀 about me, i wont wear black that night.. maybe all white..
    and for god sake!! they are denoting 10% for Lebanon and Palestine.. so , what you think?? and by the way, all their tickets online been sold out before they announce about the donation.. hint?

  63. hey guys…i`m sorry for talking in political sub. i just wanted to explain my point of view,janoz u r right,metal dosen`t mean to wear black with a long hair and gothic looking…its a nice style,but its not the msg of metal music!(spiritual music)..and plz barkooli,i got 81.4 in twjihi! thank god,wish u all luck guys;)…

  64. Dave 🙂 your comment is number 100 here 😀 and i was gonna get your email from my admin page, but i saw your comment earlier…

    Im really happy for you 😀 mabrooooooooooooooooooooooook

    about metal, i hate when i see people get drunk and overdosed over the metal music! hey we’ll talk about that 🙂 i gtg bs wallah enbasattellak 🙂 jd mabrook 🙂

  65. U know something i like metal and ANATHEMA means Alot to me
    BS lel2saf in August 25 r7 tkon re7let DIBBIN .. so i wish that i could watch them bs lma ytkon fe circassians event .. idont care about anything else >

  66. Slash, i guess eno debeen kol saneh! ba3dain doors will be open at 6pm ya3ni debeen betkoon be akherha 😉 fa you can manage to be in both places..

  67. a slash, doors open at 6 but that doesnt mean the band will play at 6 you have 2 support bands and no way on earth they will play before 8 oclock!so if u come at 7:30 -8:00 you’ll get to see them!! ba3dain btakrenly debeen be anathema ya zalameh mishan allah.

  68. a8 you know something i dono how to thanks you for your Precious details .. i was think that the band will play at 6 … for that i was upset that i cant watch them but now after what u said i think there`s a little hope for me 🙂 SO THX ALOT . o i ana 2sef iza baqarn dbeen be ANATHEMA bs sho bedak tsawee tfkere ma7dod 🙂

  69. hey thanx jano! i`m v.happy,and the price of the ticket sar mawjood akeed…hehe,and wana thank u for this web,its gr8 to talk about many subjects…good idea! and if u wana take my e-mail take it :P…anathema is better than sharm il she5 not just from debbeen! 😉

  70. Dear PaliKillsJew/AhmedHammad, this is not a political article.. and this is why your comment was removed…

    please guys dont talk about politics here, its just about Anathema coming to Jordan.. who wants to join the concert or who doesnt for any reason its only personal reasons, who supports or like or doesnt like jews or christians or muslims, its also a personal things.. to me, you’re an Anathema Fan or not, im talking about this post we’re commenting on,,

    if you wanna talk politics i wrote about war, lebanon, palestine, americans, bush and there are very great discussions.. so please visit those other posts..

    and once again no instultings and no F words.. behave when you’re here.. if you have such things to say and cant keep it to yourself just have your own blog..

    thanks for visiting



  72. heyz,inshalla my ticket ma7joozeh with yousef (MUTE),y wont u come jano!?..its gr8!..not just for anathema,for the metal movement in jordan! we have to support this! and sorry again for talking about political things HERE! bs istafazzoooni! :S.

  73. hey guys,who heard the new slayer album!!?…mysteria rly its legendary! its a combination of “reign in blood” and “god hates us all”..gr8 album! got it and enjoy it..guys!;)

  74. Waleed and Dave thanks and i know its gonna be great but im goin abroud to eastern europe but i will try my best to get before the gig with oneday at least..

    Dave, its ok, but i unapproved a comment from someone who talked with nothing but politics and all his words wear insulting!! he was arguing you with political things.. but i wont show the comment..

    Guys , wish you best of luck im sure its gonna be sth huge…
    wish me luck to be hear before the gig

  75. Back again … are the tickets out now ?Why cant buy from the internet ? thats stupid ! awena they said online are sold out !
    come on guyz put some tickets online plz !?
    im not in jordan .. and i will not be there befor the concerto in one hour,from the airport to there !!!!!!

    By the way Dismember they will not cancel the concert in Israel .. (Pigs land) … i (used to be) a close fan to Dismember and official memeber in the forum .. but not anymore !!! f**k Dismember !

    Anathema hope your gonna be strong enough to come to the mid-east !!! I’m just waiting for ya on
    F I R E E E E E E E E E E E E E

  76. PaliKillsJew/AhmedHammad
    if you have non-jordanian identity or passport or anything official, you can send them your details and they will send you the serial number of the ticket and you can pay cash on door..
    in any way you can still contact them at:

    1 Crestview Road
    NG5 3AQ
    Tel: 00 (44) 1159575452
    Fax: 00 (44) 1159575453
    Mobile: 00 (44) 7940403298

    Good Luck

  77. heeh its okay,dayman lamma il nas ma ye3rafu ye7ku bela5mu fa be7ottu bad words:P…well,we just have to give anathema the ryt idea about us,we dont ride camels anyway!…bs we have to b active and supporting,ya rb tozbot!…t.c guys!

  78. aah and one more thing,guys …on 10/8 there is a local metal gig in la casa rosa (next to kaser il hamra)…6 bands will sing in it,and after the gig we`ll vote for the best band of them to sing in opening of anathema`s concert!…plz come,its gonna b gr8,all the bands wil push themselves to the lemet!!…aha and sth for ahmad, DAVE MUSTAIN IS NOT A JEW ASLAN!…he gose to the church kol a7ad,u dont even know about metal and politics!..heh, salam

    Look whoz talking ? Salemly 3ala dave ya 3omre inta ya 3asal inta !!!
    #*$%$% el heavy metal when its about SHADOWWWWWWWWW OF ASS
    As christopher said from therion

  80. :S…hehe,watch out man,3ieb 3aliek…u shud not talk about politics,coz u dont know how to talk aslan,inta bte7ki 3a ishi fadi,u dont know nth about metal,dave mustain was the OLD METALLICA…dave mustain is hollywars,she-wolf, dave mustain playes thrash metal not heavy metal…loooool, go and check the metal styles 1st,go check the last album..”the system has failed”…or maybe u dont read lyrics bardo,msh mist`3reb,its all about the shit that america is doing!…bs shu a3mal…il 3arab la bekra2u wala befhamu o be7ku min `3er ma ye3rafu bel sha`3leh…3ieb 3aliek walla…ma betseer zalameh lamma tsabseb

  81. Guys i bought my ticket yesterday but today i was offered to buy a ticket form a guy in yarmook beljama3ah and it looked fake, just wanted to warn people not to buy from anyone as if its fake they will not let you in and u will loose your money and u will miss the concert, soo carfull and tell everyone you know.

  82. i cant believe that anyone would miss this show ,its gonna b huge ,we r gonna change the history of our country ,many bands will come after anathema i`m sure about that .

  83. Welcome to the sold out concert 🙂
    those who bought tickets from mute records will enter the draw for a Gibson Guitar signed by the band,,,he/she will be given the guitar on stage.
    draw will take place in mute records after the last day for tickets sale, that is 18.8.
    thank u for making this a massive big event,our aim at mute records is only to put jordan in the international underground metal map.
    And my freinds..opeth cancelation came for personal reasons that concerns the bands..its somthing the PROMOTERS cant controll. for example..if anatheama vocalis has a FLU one day prior to the concert..he cant sing , he wont come..after all band members are only humans.
    Mute Records

  84. Mute Records:

    FLU !!! plz don’t say that… ma etfawel 3al zalameh allah y5allek :P..

    I really want to thanks Mute Records for giving us the chance to see anathema alive.. i though this day will never come….

  85. hosam man its not mute that is bringin anathema i think its an american company called vip or something!
    i guess it doesnt matter we just wanna see them dont care whos bringing them as long as they dont cancle.
    still havent bought my ticket

  86. Mute Records is dedicated to any event taking place in jordan , its not an american company anyway, most important is to show our best of support,
    mute records gave away GIBSON Guitar after the draw of the tickets sold at our store, the winner is ticket holder 757 , please if any of u know knows the tickets holder , he should contact us,
    also we will give away 20 anathema tshirts and 20 new anathema dvds. just to support the event.
    See u at 25.8

  87. well.. we talked before about what ever might happen that might cancell any concert anywhere..
    and yes its very sad regadless the reason.

  88. if anything or concert would take place in jordan i wont support it or believe it will happen.. not because of the bands themselves, not their fault bs lama el jam3a yeddakhalo, haik beseer o bsara7a fe 7a2 3ala el metal heads in jordan.. eshe bejannen!!! 😐


    † http://WWW.JORDANMUSIC.TK †



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