Man of the Match, World Cup Part VII

Portugal : France 0:1 and this is my man of the match…



OoOOooOOOoooHHHH bakkouz just reminded me; i 4got to tell you ppl that i won A.R.T Card 😀

15 thoughts on “Man of the Match, World Cup Part VII

  1. Well Jano … to tell you the truth – I had crossed my fingers for Portugal! Now we’ll have a de-ja-vu … Italy vs. France as final! Who do YOU want to win? I honestly don’t care …
    Recardo is a great goalkeeper but not to hold a penalty is no shame!

  2. i really dont know karin, i think i would be happier if italy made it.. and Recardo went to the same direction of the ball.. but he wasnt lucky and it was a fast strong one so what to do.. but he did a great match i believe.. specially at the end when he went with his team to france side.. it was like OMG that could be enough to show how brave they are.. the referee wasnt fair with Portugal all the time.. france won with penalty so its not like a real winning to me.. anyway, now to be honest with you i really want Portugal to be 3rd cuz they havent been there as i know.. so it would be a real happiness to them.. but it doesnt really matter.. germany deserves too.. im lost with this..

  3. I wanted Portugal to win. I was cheering for Portugal in the first half, then I switched to cheer for France in the second half, because apparently, whoever I cheer for loses 😦 but that didn’t work out!

    Ricardo played a good game. He was that close to catch that penalty shot!

  4. Jano – I soo agree! He really is quite talented, and always seems to know which direction the ball will be kicked during penalties.
    It was quite sad (although brave) the way that he went out to support his team’s attack since it showed how desperate portugal was in the last stages.
    I think I need to stop supporting teams since they always seem to lose when I do 😦
    Why can’t football bring in video replays to back up referee decisions?? Really it is qute frustrating to have so much decided by the whims of referees.

  5. I was certain Zidane would score. He never missed ANY penalty in his life except one against China this year when he slipped and fell down as he was shooting the penalty and the ball went too far away. Ricardo wasn’t that big today.

  6. yeah the move he did so amazing, i didnt care who will win but enshalah if france played like that with italy then we’r on the world cup for us enshallah 😀 and in anyway portygal didnt play and figo missed the victory :S

  7. samer; i hope they get 3rd at least.. but even if germany won it would be ok, but the sad thing is with france how they got there 😦 i hate them!!

    annika; i agree with you. and i will stop cheering for anyone with those 2 matches cuz i dont want france to win again 😦

    hareega; its enough that he went to support his team in the last moment and he was so helpful also so close to catch the penalty! :S

    nanturalblu yallah nshoof italy sho betsawe

  8. by the way he almost catch zidan ball… and he catched half of england penalties.. he is amazing
    and they deserve to win not stupid france
    and if france win, i’ll cut worlcup forever

    It’s enough that they have Zaidane … I’m cheering Zaidane.. if he was playing with any team, I would cheer his team

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