Noble Victory, World Cup part VI


I bit you were shocked!! what a game!! 2:0? wow! hehe I mean who could tell? i did, Italian played better than Germany, to be honest.
Ok i would say they deserved to win and made what could not be done since ages, but Germany also played fair, well, somehow. I wish luck for Germany and Italy in their next games..
I went to Jeel club and you cant imagine the scene there! omg! too many people, three big screens all full.. and some has no place to sit. thousands were there.. all supporting their teams, colours, paintings, flags, yelling , and cheering..

the funny thing is when the german go in the fields, alot of guys stood up doin that nazi sign with their hands i dont know what it is called.. anyway, It was reall like in stadium.. the funny thing is i bought 3 tickets, me, friend and cousin, my friend’s won ART subscription for 6 months hehehe i swear i will stay at their house everyday and night and hold the remote control with my hands and teeth loool congrats to them yallah! sa7taaaaaain hehe

so after Italy won, all were jumping on the chairs and some were crying for germany.. but it was really nice,, we, the brazilian were with them both hehe and they loved us, both of them.. like braziiiiiiil my friend we’re today against bla bla.. lol and the brazilian says yeaaaaaaaaah high 5! looool it was AMAZING!! so after the match they went out and danced adiga dancing on the front of the Jeel Club.. with pshina. and say yawa brazil yawa Italy lol cheering.
then all int heir cars with their bodies out and waving with Italy flag.. i felt like Does Jordan have some relation with Italy? hehe that was really awesome 😀

I hope tomorrow Portugal to win but i wont say more cuz ur now familiar with my predictions lol

17 thoughts on “Noble Victory, World Cup part VI

  1. I think all fans of Italy want France to beat Portugal so that Italy can have a rematch with France and beat them. That would be the happiest football story in my life so far.

    Coz France beat Italy in 98 and in the final of Euro 2000, but they’re not that good today.

  2. What can I tell you?? SUUUUUUURE I am sorry, VERY SORRY even but, as I wrote to eno, won’t hang mayself! They made it to the half-final and that alone is a great achievement! I don’t really care who will win … Italy and France did it already so, to be fair, I guess Portugal should get it – but as I say, it won’t matter to me now!
    The sreets were awfully quiet after the game … no honking, no cars … almost creepy!!
    Well Jano … we’ll wait another four years and hope for another chance .. no choice I guess! 🙂

  3. Hamzeh N.; yeah maybe like we wanted to beat france 😦 now i hope portugal would beat them, hopefully..

    Kairn; i can imagine how streets were there, i really would prefer to see all teams happy cuz they deliver happiness to all!!
    so cya brazil and all in 2010 .. sounds scary and so forever! hehe

  4. I’m so happy for Italy, maybe a little bit sad for Germany but yesterday they were so aggressive and committed many fouls, referee should of show more cards I guess.

  5. Samer; thanks for visiting.. i agree with you..

    wedad; laaaaaaaaish?? portugal has to come on! aw italy it doesnt matter.. but i dono of i should say it again, portugal should win today! adn then germany should win france! that would ease my pain for brazil hehehe

  6. Thanks for visiting Jan. The Nazi sign is called “Heil”, they used to say: Heil Hitler! I guess if Hitler is still the leader of Germany they will win the world cup as they won approximately all golden medals Munch Olympics.

  7. ha ha everyone wants to revenge from France but this is in your dreams. Portugal, the dirtiest team in this world cup should be packing today so that C Ronaldo will cry on the lap of his mother if the referee does not show the red card. belive me, give us a decent referee and we will bury portugal alive tonight. Italy deserve the cup, no question about it but Portugal have became the top of my hate list, even in front of Brazil who at least do not cry to the referees.

  8. Batir; Huh! we’ll see today 🙂 omg im afraid.. i really am 😦 goin to jeel i guess.. bring your daughter.. nancy or i dono was her mom nancy? sorry 🙂 she’s a lovely daughter..

  9. Thanks a lot Jano. I guess I will go to Ahli since I like the atmosphere there more and my teams usually win there! I cannot bring Suzan since she has to go to a summer camp each morning. She is a Brazil supporter of 6 years agr, what a scandel for me. She loves the yellow color.

  10. I DO LOVE SUZAN 😀 giver her kisses and hugs please 😀
    have you tried jeel? you should have seen it last night!! wow! but other times it wasnt that strong i should tell you..
    hey have fun 🙂

  11. Karin, how did you fail to notice this:
    “the funny thing is when the german go in the fields, alot of guys stood up doin that nazi sign with their hands i dont know what it is called.. anyway, It was reall like in stadium.. ”

    I’m awaiting your response …

    It’s puzzling how ignorance and apathy can cause terrible things …

    while(FIFA==sell-outs && fans==morons && referees==bought && players==divers_and/or_headbutters); //infinite loop

  12. I believe what Killer Bee is trying to say is that in Germany if anyone does the Nazi sign they will be arrested for racism. Certainly no body in germany does the Nazi sign in stadiums. There is a zero tolerance policy towards racism and this is a very important building block in the German society. If anyone is doing the Nazi sign here in Jordan it is out of ignorance. I suggest not to widen the scope of this discussion.

  13. I Think what killer bee is trying to say is that if anyone in Germany does the Nazi sign publicly (in the stadium) they will be arrested for racism. germany, a true democratic country has a zero tolerance policy towards racism since this policy is a building block of a democratic and diversified society. If anyone in Jordan is doing the Nazi sign this is out of ignorance.

  14. Batir i dont know why today yours and wedads comments in spam!!
    thanks for this comment 🙂 here in jordan this sign i guess means germany nothing more nothing less

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