3-0 and Coming Revenge..

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Ok; some of you may say it was 2-0 not 3, but whatever WE WON πŸ˜€ and a nobal nice victory.. whatever Ghana’s team was, after all they beated Czech Republic 2-0..
Anyway, next match will be THE MATCH we’ve waited for 8 years or so, since ’98. and Im sure Brazil will Win. this will be as a revenge and to say that 98 world cup was missed mistakenly hehehe
So let’s wait and see, while you’re waitin see these pics of Mine, Fifa’s, Flickr.


14 thoughts on “3-0 and Coming Revenge..

  1. You’ve been waiting for this match since you were 6 years old!!?
    Wow,early starter!
    Anyway, yes, the “Windshield Teeth” team won. Fair and square. What were people thinking… This is Brazil!
    Lets see how it’s going to be against the german tanks (these games usually suck)

  2. Yesterday’s was a great game.

    Ghana is a big team, they could’ve taken out most of the big names if they had met with them. I mean I am certain they could’ve easily taken UKR or ITA.

    Until the next game.

  3. HEHEHE.. 2 offsides, in one game,,, anyway, they beat a weak team, you know Africa, they might play an excellent game once, and got beaten in the rest, it’s normal..
    I can’t say without hesitation it’s luck, that they get away with ref. mistakes,,, maybe it’s not mistakes, afterall, FIFA wants money, and the more big teams qualify, the biggest is the profit, like Italy,,,

    Mabrook el new record, I don’t believe, such an over-weighted player does this,,,
    You are not getting the crown , trust me..

  4. Qwaider; no dear the next match with france πŸ˜‰

    Sari; thanks for coming here and thanks for this comment πŸ™‚

    Barray; No they werent two offsides!! only one im sure!!
    and tell you sth, brazil plays for each game seperatly, according to the team against.. so you’ll see better matches later.. havent you seen the chances to goal they missed? damn it!! brazil should focus more and win the Cup cuz simply its for brazil… there’s no luck in soccer.. as far as i believe till now πŸ˜€

  5. Ha-ha … you’re really something else Jano!!! Yea, next match against France on July 1st/21:00 in Frankfurt … it’ll be a blast!!
    Qwaider – anything against “the German tanks”? I do NOT think this game would suck – it would be THE SOCCER-EVENT!! I only hope Germany will make it to the final .. but am very optimistic!

  6. ok the 2nd goal might have been an offside but the 3rd isn’t!
    never the less it was a good game and Brazil won fair and sqaure πŸ˜€
    Now to the good stuff, prepare to be squashed, France 😈

  7. Hey you Brazil fans get your eyes checked and your calculations right. They were two offside goals and Ghana missed 22 shots and had 58% positions. Wow what Samba that was. Keep dreaming of revenge and we will knock you out again as in 1998 and 1986.
    Brazil is the most overrated team in the World Cup and their fans are the most arrogant and soccer illeterates. I am just counting the hours tell they are thrown out of this competition. Allez les blues!

  8. Let me remind you as you are Brazil fans always tend to lose memory, in 1998 France should have won 6-0 had our strikers (Dugarry and Guvarch) been on form, they missed three clear chances and 3-0 was really flattering for Brazil.

  9. Hey Qwaider,

    France do not suck !!! Did u actually watch the game last night, the french had fire in their veins, so they are gonna light up the match on saturday. ps I’m not even french just live here and rooting for Portugal ultimately !! I like taking chances !!

  10. m3 eno i wanted spain to pass , but i was happy for the score, coz realy i want brazil to get revenge min kol albi πŸ™‚
    it will be a crazy gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€
    offside wela mo offside, brazil will win fi 1:0 ad ma 7aakaito we r the winners:D

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