I Miss Fatoom…


She’s the MOST beautiful girl EVER!!

For those who do not know; Fatoom is my only sister and i love her so.. we share the same bedroom, tho we tried not to but we couldnt, because we spend our times talking, dancing, playing and joking about ppl 😛 She’s now in Taba-Egypt.. I hope she’s having fun, im sure, in Hayyat Taba Hotel you have to! with the beach and all…
But i really miss her 😦 she called me the first day she went there and i cried like babies when we talked 😦
Fatoom is the cutest girl ever and she’s so creative and helpful and loved by all.. When i get sick she makes me some hot drinks like tea or herbs.. when i am sad she brings me gifts. like ring, huge chips, etc.. when im happy, she gets even happier.. she’s one year younger but she takes care of me really good..
She has some “no-good” points but we all do, no one is perfect..

Fatoom; I love you the way you are and Im so thankful you’re my sister hug.gif “hugs and kisses”

27 thoughts on “I Miss Fatoom…

  1. Masha2allah, she’s gorgeous, just like you. I guess you two have good genes
    Thanks to your beautiful parents.
    Allah yi7meeha .. and yu7meeki .. and ykhaleekom la ba3ad always

  2. i see her as the most beautif girl and im proud of her 🙂 as being the elder sis hehe.. thanks alot Qwaider , khajjaltne 😉
    ba3dain good gens came from caucassia 😀

  3. That is the MOST BEAUTIFUL THING you could do in order to show your sister – who is REALLY beautiful – how MUCH you love her!! 🙂
    You are very sweet Jano … I envy you for the relation to your sis … I have one but sadly enough, we’re not “best friends” … 😦

  4. And passed faithfully through your lovely parents. Masha2allah, I agree, you both are gorgeous. Ya Nyyalhom 😀 the lucky ones who will enjoy the rest of their lives with you two

  5. Karin; that is so sweet 😀 thanks alot.. sometimes, friends can be better than family,, ah i met a cute german girl yesterday, here in amman.. i will write later about it.. 🙂

    Qwaider thanks again dear 🙂 and “mo? :D” is my answer for the last line in your comment lol

  6. well, because its mania? when i decided to start this blog, i had alot of crazy things in mind.. and alot of silence also, this is why i have also the header on left, “is about everything i am, silent and craze”, there are some posts where i was crazy and others where i was just broken and silent.. and simply this is life silent and craze, so -mania.. Jan; obviously because im Jansait and for short i choose Jan to be nice with Mania 🙂 so here how it became JanMania 🙂

  7. hmmm i have to admit that this is funny stuff, i didnt know that janmania.com is mine hehe or i can use janoz.janmania.com
    man this is cool 😀
    thanks alot Qwaider 😀
    but what the hell is the one in the mid? weird isnt it? :S

  8. Qwaider; http://www.janmania.com
    when i clicked the first one it took me to my blog and so the last one but the second one is sth weird.. proxy and stuff

    wedad :* thanks.. u dont have any?

    Qwaider , im goin home now. so if im late i’d be suffering from the traffic

  9. hey am back 😀 thx jano for the amazing words u said i really teared i love u sooooo much :*

    and thank u guys for the sweet words u said love u 2 :*

  10. Chet; thanks 🙂

    Ala’a thanks cousin inshallah betjeebo la disa sister ammoura zayha 🙂

    naturalblu fattoomte welcome back :*

  11. Sorry to see you miss your sister but I suppose people have to find their way in the world. I am sure you will see her lots more in the future.

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