7 thoughts on “About Circassians

  1. I’m also so proud to have Circassians as part of the fabric of the Jordanian society. They proved to be loyal, true and honorable friends. The kind of people you enjoy hanging with because you know. You will never be let down
    I admire how they’re so proud of themselves, their tradition, language and their heritage. But most importantly how they’re committed to their religion. Something that is truly awesome

  2. Qwaider; cant thank you enough, ur just Amazing 🙂 only those with wisdome and maturity would say what you just did 🙂 im also so Glad to know you..

  3. I like Circassians too, but for so many years I’ve been referring to you guys as “Sharkas” so it’s hard for me to switch for the English term. Hope you don’t mind though!

    Anyway, I do second what Qwaider said. Loyal, Great Heritage and the commitment to religion. And as a food lover, obviously, I am in love with you Haliva, Luqom, Jebneh Sharkaseyyeh….THOSE ARE AWESOME!

    Anyway, I was hoping for a brief history about Sharkas in Jordan. Maybe you can do it for me next time?! hehehe. I hope it’s no bother.


  4. YAY!
    that’ll be awesome! I hope I don’t miss it. I’ll be checking your blog Zeid and Jan too! hehehe.

    Thanks Guys, looking forward to read about it! I don’t have the slightest background so it’s gonna be pretty informative!

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