What Happened? World Cup part II


Seriously what happened with Tunisia? I thought they played really great! i was watching the game and got so excited for them, but went to sleep before it was finished..
can someone tell me what happened? 😐

Tunisia had a chance but unfortunatly it blew away 😦 and after the very poor funny sad misreble performance that Sudia Arabia gave us, we thought that Tunisia can do something better :s too bad anyway.

Till the minute i left the game, Tunisia did a very great Job. I really wanna know what happened, please.


Go Brazil Go! brazil-flag.gif

10 thoughts on “What Happened? World Cup part II

  1. wallah to tell the truth i was with tunisia, it amazed me how the score was 1-0 and they had chance to get next round.. i like spain and how they played but still tunisia is good

  2. I think Tunisia relied too much on defence in the face of a storming team with a lot of talent. In this case a defending team must be sure they have a perfect goalkeeper (just like Paraguay) but the Tunisian goalkeeper was a burden. He did not catch ball but punched them and it was a matter of time before Spain capitalize on one mistake. In the second goal he went out of his area with no reason. The third was just the salt on the wound.

  3. Arab teams should be excluded from world, they don’t deserve being there…when have a minimum acceptable level of preparation then they can be at the world cup.

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