Ronaldinho had a BLOG!!!


Can you believe that Ronaldinho the Brazilian Football player has a blog???

YES! 😀 and he’s nice … talkin about football.. and i guess its translated to languages but here’s the English Ronaldinho’s Blog and you can check his Blog whenever you want from the Blogs list on the left sidebar 😀
wow jano we love you (i could hear it :p )

I wish Roberto Carlos -yen3an 3omre- has one 😀

Go Brazil Go! brazil-flag.gif

21 thoughts on “Ronaldinho had a BLOG!!!

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  2. Abed; Im sure its from msn official 😉 and its translated to many languages 😀 isnt this awsome??

    Wedad yeah ana kaman 😦

  3. I am sorry Brazil fans, but Brazil will loose badly this worldcup
    And it will be my best day in my life to see this event

    Go Netherlands Go : )

  4. Abed; You meant Jad the Jad Madi or Jad eno really? hehe

    lammoush; the international players are dedicated to football. mesh zay 3enna lol so he has nothing to do but training 😉

    Karin; Thankkkkkkkkkkkk you :* ill come now 😀

    Omar; we’ll see 😉

  5. wewll….mah stunnin wee cuzziin vikki joos loves ronaldinho pure millions…shes got posteres of him all over her walls…ah fink shes hiis biggest fan..noh joke…so0o ronaldinho if yooh read thiss pleez contact her…if yooh diid iit wood be the nicest thing anywone has ever done for her shes had ah ruff time over the last few years..=[…

  6. Well… I had No idea. Cool. I’ll read it haha xD. someone who likes to talk with a swedish girl who LIKES dinhoo ? xD add mee Please.

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