June 15 2006



Me(lady in red)lol and Dodo (lady in pink)

Yesterday was our friends Zuhair(Abu el zooz) Bashtow and Suad(Soso) Qunash(now bashtow) Wedding Party.. it was amazing, not a single fault in the party, thankfully 🙂
We danced and had real fun.. it was a circassian wedding and with adiga traditions. (for those adiga; ana akhadet 7a2 el shabab wel banat 😀 lol ) We gonna make another small party for them but when they are ready :p

God Bless you abu el zooz and soso, we love you :*

Go Brazil Go! brazil-flag.gif

19 thoughts on “June 15 2006

  1. Masha2allah … Bijannino … Reminds me of my own wedding … Oh shoot .. I didn’t have one yet! LOL
    Alf mabrook lal 3aroosain … and okbal everyone

  2. thanks alot Qwaider 🙂 wallah lesa in real they rule 😀 im still overdosed if the party and how everything went 🙂
    3o2balak inta hehehe akeed u didnt have one cuz kol yom tabkha shekel ya meskeen khkhkhkh

  3. As well from ME … ALF MABROUK TO THEM!!
    BTW … you’re very pretty :)!!
    BTW #2) Noooooooooo, Germany will win!! Ha-ha :)….. lol!!

  4. Ya3ni … El Sa7ee7. I was going to say you’re pretty too, bas ba3dain I thought, Marraige, … oo you’re pretty … wilwa7ad maftoo7a nifso hal ayyam …. troo7i mfakkretni inni wa7ad sleazy willa ishi… golt ya walad: إنطم واسكت احسنلك

  5. Qwaider looool la wala yhemak. i wont get anyone wrong 😉 i hear it alot so its not like everyone will marry me :pPpP lol

  6. Qwaider; first of all, the groom and bride should be so cute, like the pic above.. second thing; the songs should be so nice and make you dance without even moving a hip lol
    third; there shouldnt be a buffet, just a cake and juice or soda..
    fourth; the cake show should be simple and the replacement of rings should be in the bigening when they enter and fast lol
    fifth; everyone should be happy and no one complains…!
    sixth; there should be a dance other than the usual slow dance for the couple! and they should be alone mesh kol shway wa7ad ynot bedo yor2os howeh o sa7ebto! in this wedding they danced “wedge” an adiga dance for couples 🙂
    Last but not least, even most Important!! ; one of the guests should be Jano 😀

  7. hi ,thats my first time i vist ur blog, its nice , about the wedding ,the pic’s looks great.
    mmm it was a circassian wedding and with adiga traditions.
    why u dont tell us about circassian wedding and the adiga tradtions? do u have a pic’s for these tradtions?
    mmm or why u dont invite all the JP bloggers to ur wedding when u maried inshallah so we can see the circassian wedding and the tradtions,and mabye we try to dance 😛 ,… lol just kidding.

    i wish happy life for both of the brides, god bless them.

  8. oday 🙂 your most welcome.. thanks for stopping by,,
    i will post new pics maybe of me dancing adiga.. and i will tell soon about the traditions, tho Zaid Dodoukh my friend here can tell it even better in his blog which contains alot of adiga traditions and stories..
    and when i get married Your Are All invited 😉 seriously..

    Zaid; la wallah mahoo um el 3arees men jerash fa mesh 7elweh 3al sa3a 12 yetsharrado il jama3a :pPp

  9. good morning all..
    it’s me the bride in the picture.. anyway.. i just wanna thank you all for your sweet words.. and 3o2bal el3ayzeen ya 7abayeb.. 😀

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