Thank you kaka :D

I also went to Jeel club to see the match of Brazil vs Coroatia..
ok the guys (Brazil) didnt give all they could cuz the best is just to come 😉
wow kaka didnt and set my mind at ease, love you kaka 😀
1-0 is ok for the first game im sure they will do much better…

here are the photos of mine and Fifa…








For My photos please see My Flickr

Go Brazil Go! brazil-flag.gif

14 thoughts on “Thank you kaka :D

  1. يسعد رب البرازيل! خلص رح اهاجر هناك عشان المشجعات بس!
    اي كيف بدهم يخسرو اذا كان عندهم هيك مشجعات؟ مش زي الاردن المشعين عقله و خلف ظريب لمواس

  2. Only for you I stopped some Brasilian guys to take a picture 🙂 … have a look!
    By the way … on Sunday Brasil will play RIGHT HERE IN MUNICH …. against Australia !!!!!!!

  3. wow Karin!! 😀 thanks alot dear… yeah i know and then you have to take me alot of photos plz 😀 for girls and guys both 🙂 love you :* hehehe

    Zaid it was really funny and nice at jeel, u missed it..

    Qwaider; shayef shayef ballah she2af el fans 😀

    Wedad; saw it thanks 🙂

    Bakkouz; i added some photos for you 😉

  4. kaka is the most beuatfil guy on earth for men and women also!!!!!!!!!! if i have his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the bad thing that after years we will not see kaka face again because of age when he retire what football will look like after kaka beauty and his skill do all who live in brasilia like kaka when kaka retire will we see another kaka smiller in beauty and skill i dont think so he is awalking legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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