Some Kids Wish their Parents were Animals..

Too bad that constantly animals remind us to well-behave.. its funny also how some people just dont listen…

Please see this video – mpg-44 seconds

I’ve been sent this Link by my friend Chet and it worths a million and a reading…
Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities: Statistics and Interventions

21 thoughts on “Some Kids Wish their Parents were Animals..

  1. The link is broken, but I think I watched this video before
    Wallahi it made my heart cry
    Seriously, some people are sub-animals. There is nothing in the world that justifies a minor getting such punishment.

  2. This is a very touching video indeed, mad me very sad 😦
    In my openion, any person who uses violance against a child like that, should be locked in a small jail cell with a huge black man called bubba and let bubba abuse and molest him 24/7, see how he likes it then!

  3. bakkouz I agree with you, Child abuse is something that makes my blood run cold. We had a little girl in our community that was beaten and died at the hands of her father. Jano, thank you for posting this. Child Abuse is world wide and needs to brought to the attention of others. Here is a link to the old post I had. With it I attached a poem that was written by the sister of the little girl Misty who died at the hands of her father..

  4. oh.. thats so bad..
    but i think this violence occur more in non muslims society.. or with people without beliefed..

    Infant is a great present from God, so we must to keep it!!..

  5. Hi there,

    I already knew this video and while searching for the source of it on the net I stumbled upon this website. Does anyone know by who this video was made?

    A friend of mine who is a lawyer for an association against misused childs in Canada wants to contact the producers of this video. She wants to get the authorization to show it publically.

    So if anyone has any details on the company who produced this video, please let me know!!!

    Many thanks for your help!

  6. Thanks for the reply guys.

    But the question remains, the ministry of social affairs of which country???

    Obviously it is an english speaking government. The only clue is their logo. I’ve googled the pictures of ministries all around the world but to no avail.

    Maybe somebody has a clue? Still hoping…the answer lies somewhere in the future…

  7. Wow!

    I love the internet and all the people on this planet who still think that life is worth living!

    Thank you so much :o)

    May the light always be your guide!

  8. Wow!

    That’s why I love the internet and the people on this planet who still think that life is worth living.

    Many thanks to you all for providing me this info.

    May the light always be you guide!

  9. hey frank you’re welcome 😀 please keep visiting 😉
    and again thanks for the great bakkouz for providing the answer..

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