How Much Does you blog worth?


I’ve done this and got this result above for my Blog…
i secretly tried some other blogs, ones you all know 😀
bakkouz and the result was funny!!
Jad Madi
Jordan planet, amazing!
Zaid Dodokh
Abu 7amarneh
and many more.. ill leave you check the results 😀 this is fun try it…

ah here is the link to Know How much does your blog worth

14 thoughts on “How Much Does you blog worth?

  1. It depends on how many people link to you, so the more people link, the higher your rank the more your worth. It’s simple really
    Bakkouz is not on Technodrati that’s why it shows Zero. Mine only showed couple thousands 😦 I guess people don’t link to me, crap!
    BigFaraoh got 86,374 which is really awesome!

  2. So you have to be on Techno Drat?

    Bakkouz there there…..Great things are never bought 😉 that’s why it’s has no cash value!

  3. Yeah, the author decided to make it based on Techno-[D]rati
    He could have made it based on Google search, but that would’ve been very hard since there’s hardly a single category you can base it on (links to here maybe?) Who knows
    Anyway, Bakkouz … ya 3azeezi … don’t say that … You’re “B”riceless as Firas said … Oo yil3an abu el blogz kollhom wala tiz3al

  4. Sorry I haven’t been around much, Still trying to get going after getting back from NC. WOW! And I thought that I was worthless hehe! I feel rich now. Think I will sell before the price goes down. 🙂

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