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This is the Post Number 77 and i have 588 comments in all of them.. some posts had more comments that the other but the question is Why? some posts were more important but didnt get that number of comments. or should i write everytime i open my eyes and close them to get comments and everytime i eat and go to toilet? and so on..
Anyway, i would feel bad if i didnt get comments on that also

The thing i wanna know now is when you get more than 100 people visiting one post and u dont get comments or jsut couple of comments, what does that mean? they didnt like it or what? or maybe the subject wasnt that important to them? all 100? i really wanna know..

Please Help! this wont take more than seconds, it would be nice if you read this post jsut write a comment with “seen” or “read” in case you have nothing to say, i just want to see how many people really read.. i know its silly just do it 😀

18 thoughts on “Posts and Comments

  1. Don’t worry, it happens to me too. The fact that 100 people read your blog makes me jealous. I have 8 at the most. Point being, sometimes there’s just nothing to say. Sometimes it’s boring. Sometimes they have to think for a day or so before commenting. I wouldn’t let it worry you. Getting 1 comment on a post gives me an unnatural high. Someone bothered to write. Someone cares. As for the other 92? Fuck them in the neck with a butterknife. 🙂

  2. well, i guess you have to ask yourself the same question? do you really comment on every blog entry you read? If no, then you should be able to aswer your own questions as to why people don’t comment on yours, and if yes, then why? is it possible that you find each and every post your read online so intruiding that you had to commet on?

    A post being interesting or not is not the issue here, it all comes down to the person, there are many factors involved here, for example i may like your blog but i don’t like you, so i enjoy your posts but i dont comment on them, another example is that i like you and may enjoy your post but i don’t really feel like writing at the moment, or maybe i just that type of person who doesn’t like to comment at all.. i don’t know, there are a hunder reasons why a person wouldn’t comment ..

    Plus, a blog is not a forum, what i mean is that unlike the forum the sole purpose of blogging isn’t getting feedback, i mean sure its nice to get comments, but thats not the main reason why you blog is it?

    Plus, the great bakkouz comments on your posts isn’t that enough? 😛

  3. happychik; lol that was nice dear 😀 thanks alot… and i was talkin about 100 on a single post/day, like more than 200 and 300 on all.. i still wonder what prevents them from writing.. its not that i care about comments but its like there must be a reason.. thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

    bakkouz; let me say it clear here,, im not upset that i dont get comments i just wonder why.. when you have more than 300 ppl visiting and sometimesu get just 2 or 3 out of 300 doesnt that mean sth? or has to lead to sth? anyway, the thing again here is what makes ppl comment and what makes them not.. and im just writing this to get alot of reasons to see the common most of them.. sth else: thanks alot for your comments 😀 and visitings.. i surely like them hehehe

  4. I think it’s very normal, Sometimes, people don’t have anything to say, They don’t wanna comment. The subject is informative, they like it. But just not interested in commenting because. Maybe they’re don’t know much and don’t want to make fools out of themselves …
    but the number one reason for people not commenting is…. You’re male! I

    And for happychick 🙂 … make that 9

  5. well im a new blogger so im not sure i can give u the best advice 😉
    but i think some things kill u 2 say something, or make u feel like: aaaaaaaaaaaaaah saaaaaaaaaa7!! or bring up ideas out of similar experiences, like when u promise urself u wont make jokes about ppl dressed like freeks in the street bcoz u beleive they r free, but when u see them u think 2 urself: i promised not 2 make jokes, but they r makin it so hard 4 me 2 keep my mouth shut!!
    tab3an b3eed 3an il tashbeeh hon but i just wanted 2 explain the feeling ya jano 🙂
    so there, u ow me one now 😉 lol

  6. hello jano.. sometimes i visit and read but i don’t have time to write a comment.. and you know why.. maybe i will after the wedding or maybe not i don’t know.. anyway.. i can’t visit everyday and i can’t read everyday.. but when iam here i read everything as quickly as i can.. sorry for that.. 😦

  7. janoz, you have a great blog, and don’t worry yourself over the sciences behind commenting or lack there of because there is never just one reason for it. blog because you must, not because of comments.

    seen, read and commented 🙂

  8. Hi there,

    I read your blog from time to time and I think many of your posts are really entertaining. It’s just that I often have nothing to add or discuss. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like your posts!

    Anyway, now that you’ve asked it for it, I find it cruel to pass-by without saying something (the thing that I usually do :P) so here goes my comment.

    Seen & Read 🙂

  9. Lol, you’re quick aren’t you :p ?

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving some comments on my blog, it’s rare that I got any visitors apart from the few readers I have 😦

    Anyway, am not a very active blogger so don’t expect much, but it’ll be nice of you to check out once in a while. I’ll add some stuff ba3d el finals 🙂

    Thanks for your comments again, and … I’ll be commenting more often on your blog, don’t you feel bad! 😀

    Nas za3alneh 3ala 588 comment oo nas mesh mjamm3a 5 😉

  10. dadan, i appreciate it 😉

    Lammoush thanks alot dear, you are totally right 😀

    soso ur welcome hun 🙂 arrab wallah ma dal eshe 😀

    Nas; thanks alot that was nice 🙂

    ghaith: i guess saro 600 now lol anyway, thanks alot for leaving a comment 😀 i liked your comment thats why i insist on visiting and commenting..
    anyway, good luck with the exams.. we shall be waitin for the big coming back 😀
    and when u comment i can see your blog also .. so as bakkouz once told me, its about sharing 😀

  11. oh yeah, u r right I was planning to post a topic like this soon . :S
    and add to bakkouz “7okelly la 27okellak” :p
    Good Post, Read …

  12. thanks opairah but still ppl didnt lsn, alot of them read but didnt leave one 😦 anyway, its ok.. i knew some new ppl 😀

  13. quaider; im so sorry but i always find your comments in the spam and always remove them from there! im sorry 😦 and thanks alot 😀

    and i guess i know why ur comment in spam! cuz im not maaaaaaaaale!!!!! im a female!! how could you tell im a male! nth shows that! 😦

  14. Oops! My bad… I thought you’re a guy. Sorry bro ..err … Sistah!
    Just kidding 😉

    I have no idea why I had that assumption, I apologize.

  15. Jan, the way I see it, most people just don’t feel that they’d have anything relevant to contribute to said article that has been posted. Or maybe, they feel their comments wouldn’t be appreciated/worth while/etc…

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