Apple’s New Store and Islam

Ok i know 360east talked about it, and you all saw it everywhere but the thing that amazed me more than the amazing building is some emails and posts in blogs been saying, before Apple remove the cover, that this is gonna be the second Ka’aba!! and a campain been held to fight “Islam enemies”..
and this is a small campain over here to stop bullshitting!! i just cant imagine how people can be that.. i dono what! anyway, the cover been gladly removed and i’ll leave you with some nice amazing photos..
I loved this article about Apple’s new store
An interesting Post on a Blog







Quote of today by me i guess, if no one said it before and im kinda sure; Be aware of brainwashing, for the water may not be clean 😀 loool i liked it..

Interesting Update: The Apple’s Elevator locks in customers

Click on pic please
Well, that was fast. Not eight days after Apple’s new flagship store was unveiled, Stevie J.’s fantastical glass elevator began acting a bit wonky, first opening and shutting its doors, then finally sealing in its passengers on the upper level. Apple store employees worked their hardest to release the bunch, but eventually the NYPD had to be called; the elevator’s hydraulic system had to be drained, and the confined group was let out in the store’s bowels (i.e. lower level). Everybody otherwise seemed okay, but as far as we know no one was gifted with a free iPod in exchange for the 45 minutes they spent trapped, encased in glass like so many specimens for study. Ah well, you can’t always help it when your elevator gets the spinning beach ball, now can you? www.engadget.comArticle link

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