Prince Hamzah High School Graduation

Yesterday, May 31 2006, was the day of my brother’s (the only one i have) high school graduation.
It was at the Adigha Association garden (khasa). Prince Hamzah, the son of late King Husein, was there with Princess Nour Hamzah (his wife) and he gave them the certificates after a nice ceremony.. plus, Prince and Princess took some photos with the students. and since its a circassian school (Prince Hamzah Private school) they all were in Adigha traditional suits and dresses..

The Graduation was so nice with nice Adigha dancing performance by Albruz Troupe. (the school’s troupe).

After that they went to crown plaza hotel for the prom..
Here are some photos of the ceremony..

My brother’s Ceritificate

A Souvenir for all students, the student photo with a class group photo on a piece of wood 🙂

Prince n Princess from my chair photo

Adigha Dancing Performance

Prince n Princess in a Group Photo with the Students

My sister FatooM, My brother, and Me 🙂

Good Luck to all Tawjihi Students..

P.S i was graduated from the same school before five years now but i cant find my photos to upload 😦 when i find i will

14 thoughts on “Prince Hamzah High School Graduation

  1. hehehe yr bro is tawjihi , yalla it will pass , hope he will do good , all the good luck to him in his exams 🙂


  2. Congrats Jano,
    inshallah he’ll do good in the exams, o 3ogbal el jeezeh wel wlad wel banat wel a7fad welli warahom o hek 😉

  3. Congratulations to your brother Jano. May only the best be waiting him in life. Great Pictures of the graduation. I know that you are proud of him.:)

  4. Dar thanks alot 😀

    Bakkouz; inshallah bs allahu a3lam hehe

    Zaid; i hope it will be far7a 3end el nata2ej 🙂 hey check the links under “i daily visit” on the sidebar 😀

    Ala’a; looooool allah y3ayshena la wa2teeha lol inshallah betshoof ur lovely daughter 🙂

    Chet; thanks alot, and congrats to your gradson 🙂 and yes im proud of him, just hope he will pass the ministry of education exams cuz those that count.

  5. Talk?? Ha-ha, I wish … the words I know in Arabic I can count on two hands … that is more likely on ONE hand!! Sorry … 🙂

  6. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii ana ibtehal ya alaz jano i’ve found ur page by chance,walek i mis uuuuuuuu so much,am still rememberin ur birthday 20/11 no?do u still remmber mine love u w 3anjad isht2tlek

  7. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey walek ya za3rah sure i do and i called u on ur birthday 1/7 moo?? if your the ibtehal i know 😀 hey keep visiting walek miss you :*

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