Aqaba & Wadi Rum May 26 2006

…And when i thought im gonna have some rest this friday, we decided to go to a trip ..
We didnt know to where, but i wanted that Aqaba n Wadi Rum.. so we did 😀
I remember that i had lots of fun but cant concetrate to tell you now exactly what happened cause im sooo tired and AT WORK!!! 😦
Anyway, we headed from amman to Aqaba, went first thing for shopping.. and guess who we saw there? Here is a photo of the first minute with bakkouz in Aqaba.
He took us in a tour 🙂 then to drink coktail , yummy 😀
We found it hot and annoying, he said the weather was cool !!Photo that says alot
sa7taaaaaaaaaain bakkouz-so natural pic lol
I told you it was Hot, and HOt, Even Too HOT for all creatures!
Here are some photos of the down town..
Circle 1
Circle 2
Horse in the early morning
Restaurant yard, the one we ate in..
Then we went to the Southern Beach, got in the Glass Boat, saw nice things through the glass, and the ship that drawn there, that what my sis told me but i dont know for sure… here’s a nice view..

After Aqaba we went to WADI RUM! wow! its so amazing specially at the sun set.
we stayed till 9 pm or later in “oasis camp” it was really nice there, before the sun set we climbed a mountain.. not very high of course but high enough..
You wanna know were i was? here is a look from down..
Wadi Rum was really amazing..
Im sorry guys i didnt have pics of the party that was at night.. kan fe manazer khayleh :p anyway, it was really nice, all were dancing and having fun, arabic, english, dabkeh songs..
on the way back i was soOoOo sleepy, so that was the end of a really nice trip.. im doin it again soon 😉
wanna join? :p

P.S. akher eshe saro ye7ko ta7yeh la irbid o la sa7ar o her group lol o la ABU SHARKAS! hehehe

ah by the way, i did the pics as links to make sure you read the text :p smart! 😀

7 thoughts on “Aqaba & Wadi Rum May 26 2006

  1. glad to hear the you had fun 😀

    when i was in aqaba last summer … i had the most fun in my life hehe

    specially on jet ski … and banana 😀

    the intercontinantal aqaba … i was shocked when i entered it ! its sooooo nice hotel

  2. I was in aqaba 😦 but i didnt see any blogers 😦
    anyway it was realy tooooo hot, kanat eldenia mwal3a 🙂
    i had fun… and iam burning now from the sun!

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