Down Town…

Last thursday (yesterday) i went with dad to down town, sa2f el sail o mesh 3aref sho kollo. 🙂 anyway, we usually do that on thursdays and i love goin there, i know some girls or guys that say “Oh! Yuk!!!” lol but its not.. those places say alot, and people there have a million story, of course not about new laptop or a holiday in who knows where.. but they have stories about real life and real situations, yet tough! i took my cam with me and took some pics to show you..
There’s an old man who i see alot of times when i go there, and he smiles a smile that worths a thousands when he see me and i smile too, i asked him to take a photo of him, he paused and smiled then said “wafre el soora” 😐 hehe i didnt know what was on his mind then but i didnt want to push on him..
here are the photos:

The Bank we withdraw money from when we are in down town

They Make cool sadwitches

Too bad!!






Dad on right, looong stairs

What the hell!!!



Finally, some pics of the way back, including one of my habits :p



13 thoughts on “Down Town…

  1. AAh yes, these are my favourite places and hangouts in amman!
    and that huge pile of garbage ! man! i guess they were going for a world record or something 😛

  2. Nice 🙂 I like!
    It’s interesting how “national” Palestinian graphic design is much better than “national” Jordanian graphic design.

  3. Hey Natasha! long time no see =)
    nice post… great blog by the way…

    how do you imagine downtown in 10 years after all the big projects in amman… do you think the new downtown in 3abdali will carry any real jordanian culture? i just hope it doesn’t turn into a big stupid mall with empty people!

  4. Great pictures Jano!! I LOVE Amman … have very very dear friends there! The nuts are sooooooo tempting – I could just dive in!!!

  5. Bakkouz: can you believe it? :S

    Neverland: thanks dear i will respond sooon 🙂

    Roba: thanks 🙂 i didnt know about that or the other graphic thing but accidently i saw this poster and they welcomed me to take photos from inside but i didnt have time then.

    Dar: hay el zbaleh haik estera7a :p de3ayat bel alwan ya3ni hahaha the strange thing is all those were fast shots and when i took the trash one i heard some comments like : “eh what do you want of it?” and another one: “taking photo of trash!!??”

    rakan: who is Natasha? and thanks for the ncie comment 🙂

    Chet: lol so funny 😀 and thanks

    Karin: thanks alot and you’re welcome anytime, i hope i can be a friend too and maybe oneday you can visit me here 😉

    Matt: yes i love to feel the wind while someone driving fast 🙂

  6. nice pics, really nice…. best pic is the trash one, u know it is the essence of down town with its nice smell….. I don’t know what were u thinking when u took those pics there. 😉
    and what a nice habbit u have

    Roba: I don’t think the way u think, jordanian or palestenian….. that is not right.

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