New Invention

I present to you…. the invention….. that will turn the world upside down 😀 ENJOY!
Please guys take a look to this new invention. its a fan that blow the smoke of your cig. away from you and others and up to air. its cool and so useful i guess. watch it now because soon it will be sold in classy stores 😉
by the way, its a jordanian invention, a Jordanian from caucasian roots has made this Smoker’a Cool Hat

And please visit the original Post of my dear friend Ala’a Dadan.

6 thoughts on “New Invention

  1. Ha, just try to get people to wear it. Perhaps you should just create a space helmet that traps the smoke inside? That way the smoker can enjoy his own smoke without blowing it out into where others are.

  2. I would like to say that Nokia contacted us to give them the rights to use the device with the new mobile generations G4, no wait they said they gona call it G9, cos the device is so advanced.

    … by the end of coming month the production line should be ready … now my dreams will come true, finally I can afford to get an elephant

    And Rami yah they are …

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