13 thoughts on “Best, Worst, Most, Top, Fastest, Largest…

  1. Yes I respect our place being high in the 4th position world wide for worst gender equality. But where the hell is Saudi Arabia!!! Shouldn’t ya3ni it be somewhere between Norway and Denmark in the best countries for gender equality! ha!

  2. Very interesting. Was somewhat surprised in what I seen in the Worst Countries for Gender. Always thought Pakistan was the worst.

  3. THis is really interesting, I’m making a note of it! And I’ve been to 5 out of those ten airports, which makes me feel ridiculously special. Ba3dein keef Brazil is on that list for worse Gender Equality countries, man, I was treated GREAT while I was there! 😀

  4. Jad: No comment 🙂

    Husams: i dont think Jordan is one of the worst in Gender equality 😐 and i think Sudia Arabia is.

    Hal: yep you’re lucky 🙂 couldnt u left a larger comment about the best airports u’ve been? i only went to the worst 😦 i dono why! but when i go to canada i guess ill see the best or wait to sweden!

    Neverland: I dono, me too i cant find this too accurate but i left you guys the sources and on the left of this site you can find the link in the bookmarks.

    Emily: I ADORE SWEDEN!! i really love this country tho ive never been there 😦 but one of my most fav countries.. you’re so lucky being there.

    thank you all for your comments 🙂

  5. Yes I agree with you Saudi Arabia is the worst, I was just being sarcastic, but still I think Jordan also is one of the worst in gender equality, outside western Amman, the image is clearer.

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