All Alone, so are you?

Yesterday was friday-weekend, today is Saturday-work, tomorrow is sunday-holiday!
What do you call this? isnt today odd? i really dont like it.. and i bet no one but me woke up this morning to go to work.. and you call this fair?? eh

Why couldnt today be holiday instead of tomorrow? why should I wake up late then early then late.. then early.. nonsense at all!!

If one of you there is working this morning please tell me i would feel great 😀

P.S even my colleague here had the day off. Not fair at all..

7 thoughts on “All Alone, so are you?

  1. I wake up early everyday mostly at 5:00 regardless it’s a holiday or working day, as a human (i’m not sure about you LOL) I think we (human) shouldn’t sleep over the required dose of it, try it try to wake up early everyday at 5:00 am and see how long and useful your day gonna be and if you don’t want to sleep early then take your 12am nap

  2. hmmm i wake up everyday at 5 for the prayers.. 🙂 but i get back to sleep and wake up at 7 or 7:10.. but the thing i hate is working day between two holidays.. annoying.. even if you wake up at 5 am,, staying at home isnt like goin to work specially when there is nth to do!

  3. this is called Ayman Madness, and yes I feel how odd it was for u, well my brother woke up today early for the same reason….. He works at TASMEEM…

    today couldn’t be a holiday, because Ayman have NOTHING to do, even that he says that he has, or maybe because he is paying u HUGE salaries …….

    well, I can’t help u in that, because it was a very nice and joyful day…….. 😉

    P.S. for the people who doesn’t know the Famous Ayman, he is Jano’s BOOZ at work…..

    God Be With U

  4. OH yeah, I’m totally working, I worked at being lazy and shopping and hanging out of the house all day and you are so probably going to kill me right now, aren’t you! SORRY! BUT I AM HAVING SUCH A FUN WEEKEND!!!

    You totally hate me!

  5. Oh Halloush 🙂 i would’ve hated you if i read ur comment while i was at work but im readin it and i just came back “early” from hanging out with friends hehe so its ok i will pass today :p nafadte bejeldek lol

    ME: u mean Ayman is my Boss.. anyway, today was really boring.. till i got home and then got out.. glad you had a nice day 🙂

    Matt, study well dear and hope things will pass perfectly 😉 tell me how u do with ur exams..

    and as Dar says CHEEEEEEEEEERZ lol

  6. ba3raf wallahi ba3raf hal sho3oor mnee7 kteer 2na , wa khosoosan lamma iyjeebooni yom il3o6leh bs mshan a3mal reset lal adsl modem o arawe7! 😐

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