Mom and Dad

Im writing about my mum and dad cuz they deserve alot and this is the less to do..
Since i was a baby , they took care of me very well, from usual things that parents do, to writing my diary in my first year, talkin about how beautiful i was πŸ™‚ lol no really and about when i wasnt ok and my first smile, etc.. keeping some stuff that i used to use when i was a baby, like clothes and milk bottle and and when i first got teeth and bit that thing i used to put in my mouth πŸ™‚ hehe i dono what it is.. taping my voice singing and crying lol…

The thing is i felt care since the day i was born, and when i started to grow up, they got me to a good kinder garden and school, where i learned arabic english and frensh plus other subjects..
I could tell they were so proud of me watchin me growin up and gettin high marks.. which were gettin down with time :p but i was ok..

Mum didnt let us wish for anything, all was done, almost. we knew that we cant have whatever we wanted but we can try to gain it.. whenever she noticed a talent we had, she participate us with related stuff.. as for me, swimming, piano, guitar, hourses, karate, circassian dancing and much more.. i didnt complete any of those courses :p as for my sis, swiming, hourses, karate, fencing, and much more.. Mum is the best of us all..

when me and sis who is one year younger became like 11 year old or 12, dad started to push us to this world after we knew theoritically, what was right and what was wrong.. and he used to tell us how good and bad this world is.. Both didnt control us about anything, except the limits”red lines” which are the ethics.

They trusted us i guess or didnt care that much but that helped us to make our own personality, we have different views about some point and similars about others.. they let us participate with anything we wanted.. especially useful things, like i got bronze broach in Prince Hasan Award.. that included many activities; society activities where i got trained in public medical center, camping and walkin for 4 nights, sports-basketball, and more… that was really cool adn good experience.. participated in school events where onetime i sang a sad song and made ppl cry lool funny.. now we laugh every time we see the video.. hehe
when i became tawjihi i wasnt that good student but they took really care of me, like makin me nice food and dad used to make me fresh orange juice every morning and mom used to give me her mobile to talk as much as i want hahaha many other things, and they kept tellin ppl how proud they are of their “kids” hehe

when i passed tawjihi and got in uni, they let me go by myself and register and all that stuff, they didnt make me feel that im in need, just i can do what i want by myself.. they didnt control our thoughts.. they welcomed any questions we had and still… mum bought us like a trillion book to read.. and they were with any subject we could think of.. all neighbours used to come to read from our books.. they were about animals, religions(almost all), nuclear(lol), politics, novels, circassians, arabs, cultures, languages, roses, women, men, and much more subjects..

We learned to respect people and still free to say our opinion and what we feel, to be proud and to know ourselves.. and to get our rights no matter what it costs us, and they supported us in many things with school, relatives, work, and almost everything..
We learned also to be there for our friends and support them, to be down to earth, i heard some ppl get disgusted from silly things.. but we dont.. heard of some girls can go down to down town lol I go there with my dad more than twice/month.. and we enjoy eating sadwitches from shabsough cafeteria hehe
i know im talkin alot about this subject but talk in this never ends.. so i got to uni and my grades were great and was in honor list for dono which semester.. ah when i was 18 i got my driving licence and same day a had a very small accident with taxi and dad supported me alot with that.. after years had a terrible accident (wasnt my fault) and they cared alot also and encouraged me to keep driving but to be mre careful… i got graduated with good grade 70’s hehe and my parents were extremely happy since i also got a recommendation from the dean of IT faculty.. they made me a huge party at one of the hotels for all relatives, cousins and friends.. we ate and danced and had really fun.. thanks again.
I started lookin for a job, meanwhile i didnt get any money from dad, to be more serious about the job, now, im working in one of the companies as IT support.. of course 7allait.hom men awal rateb :p lol
Alil about mum and dad before getting married, both of them are the eldest of their brothers and sisters(mum just among sisters), both were the most important in their family by taking lotsa care of their brothers and sisters, since dad’s father dies when dad was only 18 and he had 9 ppl to take care of, Mum’s parents were abroad most of the time and she had to take care of the family while was still studying..
Now dad is retired from Foreign Ministy and about to get second retirement from UNESCO-Amman. Mum got retired from Culture Ministry..

Im not trying to look like the perfect daughter having the perfect parents in the perfect family, but this is only the good side, the other side is we are like any other family, shout, yell, have fights, misunderstanding, different points of views, but still know how to keep laughing and smiling after every fight lol though some of them are really bad hehe anyway, Im proud to be Muslim, Circassian, and most important being ME.

P.S to mom and dad, i may not love you or love your ideas about alot of things or the way u deal with certain things but i surely respect you as Humans and Parents.. *bow*

First Year Birhday

15 thoughts on “Mom and Dad

  1. bow wow ! interesting story walla…
    malee7 walla ya um il nuclear stuff inti! balla 3omrek qara2ti ktab feehom? πŸ˜›
    ya sitti.. alla iykhaleelek iyahom wikhaleeki ilhom
    o 3ogbal il meet saneh o kol 3am o inti b’7air πŸ™‚

  2. A beautiful post…perhaps one day all generations can have parents as supportive and understanding as yours, so we can all grow up to be the well-rounded individuals we all should be, and you so clearly are!

    Niyal ahlek 3aleiki, oo inti 3aleihum, and kill sinneh oo inti salmeh!

  3. I know that I am not the perfect DAD but at least I tried to be and so as you, are not the perfect daughter but you are always deferent.
    You are the only baby I knew whose her/his first word was not baba or mama your first word was teta the one who gave you your name.
    I am very proud of you Jansait

  4. thanks alot guys bs bakkouz started this kol saneh o inti salmeh !! that was when i was 1 year old !! hehehe and i posted the pic after his comment and my birthday in Nov 20.. thanks alot hal, you’re so sweet πŸ™‚

    Bakkouz, actually no i didnt read it cuz i dont want some naughty ppl to blow up pur house :p

    Im the one that mum is holding and fatoom still hiding in that womb cuz she hates parties :p or she’s jealous hahaha

    And thanks dad keep visiting my blog πŸ™‚

  5. nice post Jano,
    well, I know ur parents and they are surely good and supportive people…… and yes they are different.

    and about ur first word, don’t worry I know a little girl whose first word is ” Natata” when she calls her Mom, btw her mom’s name is Natasha. πŸ˜‰

    anyway it is nice of u to say all of these nice things about ur parents….

  6. You know you really blessed, I know you know it, but I would like to say it again,

    Its good to have that kind of relation with your family, trust me you gona need it in the future, Some families just grow apart with time passing by, but I think a relation that strong and that fun, will last .. The most important thing in life is family, forget friends, forget work, when things go bad, its family who gona be behind your back supporting you.

    I like the idea of giving you trust, you just feel bad if you Betray them or do anything wrong .. some parents keeps pushing hard on there kids, they treat them like they are nothing.. that’s wrong .. (dah) and trust me I know a lot of people who suffer from that kind of treatment

    The most wonderful thing in the world, is to be proud of your family, and the most encouraging thing in the world is to have support from your family, and am sure your dad, mom and rest of the family are proud of you, I mean if they weren’t, you wouldn’t write that post.

    i dono how I would feel if my kid wrote something like that to me
    I guess ill cry ( for real ) though I cried at stupid things like that time when they arrested me for shoplifting (JK),

    Anyway am sorry for the delay in the respond bass eno y3ne ana heek.
    And you inspired me to post a similar post like that one

    Wa sha’7abe6e 7elwat eh

  7. Mashah’Allah beautiful Post…
    This is a reminder to us all, Al-Hamdullah we are fortunate to have parents in the first place, and so we have to look after our parents just like they looked after us…
    Jazakum’ Allah Kheir.

  8. Matt, thanks alot πŸ™‚

    Yanal daghjouqa: teslam kollak zo2 πŸ™‚

    Orhan: thanks cuz u cared about this post πŸ™‚

    Dadan: you know we’ve talked alot about this and this post kinda inspired by our talks the other day..

    Al-hajeji thanks for stopping by.. and thanks for the nice words, inshallah we will be good sons and daughters in the future..

  9. Jano that was beautiful. I can see the pride and love you have for your parents and the love and pride your father has for you. I just love to read this kinds of post. It is good to know that families are still together and play a part in our everyday lives. Your father sounds like a great man. May God Bless You and Your Family.


  10. hi jano , thats my first time i see ur blog, good work .
    i guesss ur a good girl ,at least its good to remeber our parents and talk about them.

    i just start my jordanian blog, hope u vist my blog .

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