Adiga May 21, And Walk Jordan

May 21 is the mourning day for Circassian people, specifically, Adiga

On May 21, 1864, the Caucasian War ended with the occupation of Circassian land. The Czar of russia approved a decision to deport and exile the entire Circassian people.

More than 1.5 million Circassians were expelled; approximately 80% of the total population at the time! Most of them were victims of disease, hunger and exhaustion.

They were dispersed all over the world. Some traveled 3000 Km on foot or on ox-carts. Some roamed for 25 years before settling down.

I long for the time im buried in my homeland forever, love you kavkaz. God bless you and bless all our gradfathers who fought for our rights, our lands, our future and traditions, till the moment they died.. Most respect to our people and to our Land..


Adiga, Honor above self

Circassian Music

On the same day this year, there is a walk the world, walk Jordan to fight hunger.. I guess I’ll be there, will you?

UPDATED April 23 2006

21 May, 2006; 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM (local time)

Amman, Jordan
Citadel Hill
Down Town

Walking in the heart of Amman, the down town area, providing a cultural enrichment to the event, participants will take the walk from the streets, up to one of Amman’s pride, the Citadel. There they will enjoy refreshments, only to rendevous once again at the Citadel, to take part in a post-event celebration – a concert like no other to hit the Middle East. All in the name of fighting hunger, join us. You participation will make a difference

13 people expected to walk.

Event sponsor(s):
unsure as yet

10 thoughts on “Adiga May 21, And Walk Jordan

  1. As always i will not be there, but i shall walk from my room to the kitchen back and forth back and froth untill i fall down from exhaustion πŸ˜€

  2. yes, wish it never happened, we would be there now, but what can we do about it….. God Bless our ancestors…..

    looooool, briliant Idea bakkouz….. I think I’ll do the same…..

  3. like they say .. taking ppl away from their motherland is possible, but taking motherland out of those ppl hearts is impossible .. God bless all adiga

  4. Hi ,

    i awant to get along more with the adiga’s can you help me???
    i have been away for so long now i want to get back to know my people….

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