Sunrise from west

Mars will change its eastward direction and will stop to be WESTWARD direction, that means-for Mars, Sun will rise from west for just onetime in its life then back to its normal eastward direction.

Siectists say that this will happen to all planets, so Earth! also will have sunrising from west, in sience words, it will change eastward course to westward, and ONLY once.. then back to its normal.

About Mars changing its direction, this will happen this year July 30. and in September 29 it will stop and return to normal direction.

This backward motion will manifest itself after Mars arrives at its first stationary point on July 30. Mars will then begin to loop back toward the west. Earth will overtake Mars on Aug. 28.

Does this remind you of anything?

The link of the article

9 thoughts on “Sunrise from west

  1. well I heard that before this time, and maybe before 6 o 7 months….
    I believe that this will happen to earth because it is in the Holy Qura’an

    al a’7 dadan mkayef that it will be end of the world, mesh 3aref enno r7 ykoon fe judgment day b3deha o tet3akab 3la af3alak ya sayed dadan….

    3m ba7ke b kol theka men 7ale s7????!

  2. Though the event of the sun rising from the west is one
    indeed mentioned in the holy Quran and Sunnah (Hadith) and
    therefore, true. The event described above has no relation
    to that what so ever.

    The rising of the sun from the west requires the earth to
    stop its current spinning around its axis and start
    spinning in the other direction. What is happening with
    Mars however is that it “appears” to be moving “in the sky”
    in an eastward direction, and then stops and “appear” to be
    moving “in the sky” in a westword direction. This is only
    temporary though and every thing will go back to normal.

    This motion is a known phenomenon caused by the observer
    (us) being on a planet with a smaller diameter orbit around
    the same center as the orbit of mars. This observation is
    labelled “Retrograde Motion”.

    You can find an explanation here

    Or you can go to and search for “Retrograde
    Motion” ->

  3. well has the sun risen 4rm d west yet on planet earth or not???? can sum1 tell me b4 i have a heart atack! people are saying it has risen from the west now is that true?? asthagferullah! am i d only 1 concerned?

  4. jumzy “it didnt yet” but im still not sure whats true.. and please read the links its so important and the links in the last two comments before yours.. 🙂

  5. To All people,
    God Said in Moslem’s Holy Koran:
    Who ever take another religion other than Islam he will not be accepted by God. Islam is the last religion in that world, it is for all people who have mind to think. Just think of the fact that mentioned in Islam that the sun will rise from west. when all people see it, they will beleive in Islam. But God will not accept their beleiving as they did not beleive in Islam before. Just think of this fact and think of the fact that the sun hd risen from the west in Mars and that scientists said that this retrogade motion will happen to our Earth as well ??

  6. Dear All,

    I agree with the principles in the earlier blog submitted by Jhone.

    Our faith in Allah and Rasul-ullah (SM) must be based on the unseen, – Iman -ul-Ghaib. What we see or observe is not truth, for, our senses and instruments have only limited capacity. Scientific knowledge is increasing day by day. New theories are giving place to the old. What is ‘scientific truth’ today will be but superstition tomorrow. Man’s knowledge and understanding of the physical universe is ever changing and is a continuous process. There is no final word in science. Thus a scientist is always tentative and makes conditional statements such as ‘Based upon the observations, I conclude that … ‘ He can never be certain as more advanced methods of observations will some day prove his observations and methodology wrong and outdated.

    But our Faith is certain and final. It needs no proof but only firm belief in Allah and Rasul-e-Karim (SM). TRUTH revealed in the Quran will remain constant till the end of the universe. Thus it is certain and sure, and was, is, and always will be the permanent guidance for salvation of mankind. That is the strength of Islam and the Mumin’s certainty based upon Iman-ul-Ghaib that needs no observation or proof of any kind. It emanates out of realisation that pervades the inner being and satiates our souls. We KNOW those to be TRUTH. And that mankind’s salvation lies in the surrender to the Will of Allah and being faithful followers of the Holy Prophet of Islam (SM).

    So, dear brothers and sisters, let us strengthen our faith in Islam and bolster our Iman. Let us not be diverted by this ‘observation’ or that, this theory or that. Islam needs no proof, as every Muslim knows in his heart that Allah has spoken through the mouthpiece of His Prophet, Syedena Maulana Mohammed ibn Abdallah Abduhu wa Rasuluhu, (SM), who has put the final seal of prophethood upon this world till the Day of Judgement. Those words are recorded in the Quran which are final and unchangeable. This is Absolute TRUTH, nothing else is.

    Best wishes and greetings to you all,

    Kahdem-ul- Islam,
    Mahfooz-ur Rahman

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