Madaba 14 April 2006

Well, its not the first time for me i go to Madaba, i went before but just to Nepo Mountain, but havent seen the nice nature there, trees and green fields… its really amazing!

Last friday April 14, we started early morning our trip to Madaba, singing, dancing and havin fun all the way till we reached mountain of nuts trees, the weather wasnt too hot but quite nice..
we ate hash o nash , drank makheed and IMAGINE what happened to us! lol nah nothing much just masateel hehe
So after lunch we went to the church, the place there was really wonderful! and the view was awesome! loved it…

now cuz i know that no one is patient to see pics, here are some and others in flickr

Nice Pic

Nicer Pic


Green Fields

7 thoughts on “Madaba 14 April 2006

  1. ya 3ammi,,, ya 3ammi
    Madaba,,, i miss it,,, i miss my home town
    you should have visited the city it self,, markets, resturants ,, chruches
    y3ni,,, gazdi tesrefo floos fi madaba ,,, tashjeee3an la sha3bha il me36aa2 (like abu 7amarneh) 😛

  2. lool bakkouz 3arase 😀

    Abu 7amarneh ur from Madaba?? i didnt know wallah, ba3dain we went to markets and to churches and to mosques and hmmm 7eta sarafna 3ala ele bebasto 3end nepo lol wallah neyallak ennak men Madaba, i loved it 100%

  3. Dr Asem, im so glad that you wrote a comment here and saw the photos.. please check the one of you, i will upload it soon 🙂

    Hey sam, ur comin to amman soon so no worries 😉

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