Would you even care?

I know some of you wont even care to comment or read the arabic text below when they read first line, but i hope you will, and sorry if some ppl cant read it cuz in arabic but anyone want to i can send the translation, anyway, I’ve been asked by many friends not to send Islamic emails or any subject related, i dono why but that what happened, sadly! even one of my friends- who i see everyday, sent me an email asking me to stop it with red fonts. i dont mind tho but i didnt think it may annoy some one to this point..
Anyway, i know it depends on everyone’s beliefs, but dont defend for Islam and encourage girls to put head cover (to hide their hair) while you dont even want to read couple of lines prayer,, what a shame!

here is the prayer that i loved:

انظر إلى رحمة الله بك واستحى منه

انظر إلى رحمة الله بك لتتعلم الحياء ، وانظر إلى لطفه بك وحرصه عليك ، يقول الله فى الحديث القدسى:

“إنى والإنس والجن فى نبأ عظيم ، أخلق ويعبد غيرى ، أرزق ويشكر سواى ، خيرى إلى العباد نازل وشرهم إلىّ صاعد ، أتودد إليهم بالنعم وأنا الغنى عنهم ! ويتبغضون إلىّ بالمعاصى وهم أفقر ما يكونون إلى، أهل ذكرى أهل مجالستى ، من أراد أن يجالسنى فليذكرنى ، أهل طاعتى أهل محبتى ، أهل معصيتى لا أقنطهم من رحمتى ، إن تابوا إلى فأنا حبيبهم ، وإن أبوا فأنا طبيبهم ، أبتليهم بالمصائب لأطهرهم من المعايب ، من أتانى منهم تائباً تلقيته من بعيد، ومن أعرض عنى ناديته من قريب ، أقول له: أين تذهب؟ ألك رب سواى ، الحسنة عندى بعشرة أمثالها وأزيد ، والسيئة عندى بمثلها وأعفو ، وعزتى وجلالى لو استغفرونى منها لغفرتها لهم”

sorry for the pragraph arrangment but i dono how to fix it :p

6 thoughts on “Would you even care?

  1. I don’t mind if you sent me emails with islamic content, i don’t read most of them cuase 90% of the time they don’t contain something useful, but i do read the useful ones, but ya like i said feel free to send me anything :]

  2. hmmmm…
    well I got to say that these people are sick….
    its their religion and they don’t need to read useful things about it….
    except if they have a good reason for that as the person u know Jano…

    anyway feel free to send me anything, I read them all, and I like the islamic ones more than anything else…

  3. Jano, I feel you are blessed to be able to post in another language besides your native language. I want to thank you for translating that paragraph for me. Being brought up in a christian church, I find that what I have found by looking at your’s and other blogs, that we may have different religions but the believe in God and the prayers are the same. By the way I have been reading from the Qur’an and the bible that my church uses and find almost the same thing. Same God, Same beliefs in God. Same laws that God gave Islam and Christianity. I just wish more people could understand how much people in the world are alike in there beliefs and everyday life. keep doing what your doing. Follow your heart. God will guide you.

  4. can you PLEEEAASE tell me where i can get a translation?!! (i typed in my e-mail obviously)
    ive been searching on the net for it and i cant find it anywhere so far..

    I’ll be very grateful indeed


  5. oh id just like to say that what you said about the people that don’t appreciate the islamic forwards..

    curbing my anger here, I’ll just say that those who love Allah SWT – Lord of the Worlds – love to hear anything about Him.

    Nuff said!
    Allah yihdeehom

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