This could be just a word, a lifetime happiness/misery, or maybe a season in someone’s life, i’ve been through alot.. but i dono what love is tho i lived it many times! actually i am in love! am i? but a question that keeps spinning on my mind is: how much should love controls you? i mean it does somehow but should we let it just overcome us? This is one of the times im really lost.. i wrote about waitin for the perfect man and my bla bla bla about how to choose.. but i think im good only with words.. i’ve ruled my life pretty well till now, im 22 year old and its only couple of years till i think “Oh how life ran fast! i didnt know im 30” im havin this feelin now and it sux! cuz its related with EVERYTHING about my life, my family, my love life, opportunities ive missed, opportunies may come, my work life, my future, and most important my present! what am i doin? and am i leadin myself to a point where i cant even look back? am i there already? would it be too bad? or too good? sometimes when you have no hope in sth it turns out that it was the best! i hope so but its now without any hope at all!

Love is so simple yet so complicated, i know cuz i just know.. why it has to be so? this is what i dont know and this is what i dont want to know.. i cant say that im having a perfect life and not so doomed, but the thing is why when everything seem to be just fine, life strikes you at the points u most care about!!?? what if u just didnt care about anything and let love rules your life? will you be doomed at last? or will you be happy? its 50%-50%.. but at least you’ve done what you always wanted to.. was it? those are some of the questions and thoughts that keep me away from sanity and make me lose what left of cells in my mind..

Now, Just now, you have to choose between two things that draws your life’s line.. why now?? why love?? why the ppl i care about?? its between LOVE and the Whole world… but be aware that love may bring you later a huge part of the whole world or all of it.. and if you choose the whole world it may bring you love, later.. AND MAYBE NOT!!! which one will you be happy with? havent you been in such situation?? hope things were easier with you..

and yes! im insane..

10 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. Wallahi i don’t know what to say, i think we’ve talked about this issue alot me and you so you know what my openion is but anyways, the best thing to do is to simply GET A FAKE PASSPORT AND RUN AWAY TO NIGERIA πŸ˜€

  2. this is too complex to me, i dont think i can write a comment …
    bass eno take it easy ” i hate it when people say that ”
    bass 3an jad take it easy .. l2no no matter wat you do .. what gona happen will happen . you got friends and you got your family .. your lucky .. end of the story .. FE NASS CANT AFFORD ‘7OBZ .. jk , la2 bass 3an jad fee nass cant afford ‘7obz πŸ˜›

  3. well sorry jano but i didnt read the post u’ve named it “love” thats why… u know i dont believe in that word! anyway god bless u…
    love u so much :*
    well i also believe that whatever u did no one will win or lose but u.. and in both cases it will be good chance to see who love u and who dont, u know only ppl who love us will stand by us at the end πŸ˜‰
    kaman mara love u even u dont believe me hehe :*

  4. aktobo laki hathehi al kalemat wa al domoo3o tanhamero mn 3ainai ow besra7a konet bgasher basal πŸ˜€ haha, wallahe mawdoo3 momte3 bas eno kharba6teene shwae :\, for me it is enough to love my family and friends and close ones “You can love everything you have, but you cant have everything you love” :), so be happy, take it easy always, things will come easy “inshallah”.

  5. thanks alot fatoom but if you dont believe in the word of love how come you love me? :p see why i dont believe? lol

    Mu3az, wallahi enta ele assaret fye lool sho hal kalam el kbeer hada? hehehe

  6. Jad, this is even more complicated that what i said.. but u cant hate alot of ppl does that mean u love them all the same?

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