Femme Fatal

This is not as some of you may think but its about something else heheh
The thing is i was reading some of Horscopes and wanted to talk about it..
I dont believe in horscopes that much but i think some of the personality analyzing is true sometimes.. Yes, like they say “Femme fatal” about scorpio Woman 🙂 anyway, i read in one of the horscope books that scorpio is something like what Khalil Gibran said in his boook “The Prophet”:

Of the good in you I can speak, but not of the evil.
For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst?

One of the other things that i like is the 6th sense, i dono if it works with all scorpio’s but it works perfectly with me 😀 and i like it alot..
Scorpio’s are so PROUD! they are, and they know all their bad and good about themselves..
thats why they may not accept anyone to analyze them or tell them whats wrong and whats right..

Scorpio loves to get revenge from those who hurt them..
HATE or LOVE are the only two things you may feel toward the scorpio, but even if u hated them, you cant but respect!

Some of you may not like what i say or even give a damn but i really like this subject, so im gonna be abit selfish about it :p i dono i find it an interesting thing, really!!! my mum thinks so too lol

Anyway, here are some links of the scorpio character

برج العقرب



4 thoughts on “Femme Fatal

  1. well, I don’t believe in horoscopes at all, anyway nice topic Jano, so u have a 6th sense, hmmm, what is in my mind now?
    PROUD, well that is right…..
    and I remember what happend to Ayman when he tried to analyze u….Looooool

    anyway, sorry for not posting, but I’m a little bit busy these days 😉

  2. hey thanks alot for ur comment, and what time are talking about ? i mean the thing with ayman.. hehe there are lotsa times u know 😛

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