New Masterpiece

Today was abit busy at work but i could find time to search among the CD’s for something and i found a CD with photoshop 6.0, so i thought i wont lose anything if i installed it and so i did 🙂
Gladly i did cuz i’ve made sth soooo nice and i loved it 😀 you can easily find it at masterpieces page Up there 😉 i called it eyes of the seeker-same as my great poem :p and the eyes in the pic are my eyes when i was one year old 😀

Eyes of the seeker

Its the first time for me i use photoshop, as some of you know that my previous “works” were “all” using Adobe Illustrator 🙂

Im so happy of the results and i hope you gonna like it too encore.gif if you do let me know!

if i were a prof i would say; this is sth i did in 5 minutes using renders and blenders looool

5 thoughts on “New Masterpiece

  1. I think its very nice for a first attempt, and with time you will get better and better , keep it up, and if you need any help, i’m your guy 😀

  2. yeah playing with photoshop is the key 🙂 i am now, thanks alot dadan 😉
    P.S. i hope ur just busy thats why ur not posting and disabled comments. i hope your ok 🙂

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