Good news- Finally! :)

well, good news started to knock on my door and i gladly opened the doors 😀
i got my passwords back for both emails, hotmail were so helpfull 🙂 thanks hotmail..

i had a good time this thursday cuz it was one of my friends engagement party, congrats Ashjan, it was a really nice night, we danced and had fun 😀 i went back home and slept like a baby. hehe

other great things were My cousin gave a birth to her baby girl 🙂 a very cute baby girl, we went to hospital and i got into the babies room after i wore the robe and took some pics of the baby and went to her mum and showed her the pics of her first baby 🙂 good girl Jano :p

i was really excited for her and i really wish her all the best and health, live long baby girl 🙂

Oh! im so happy also cuz i saw one of my best friends bakkouz, as he said in his blog that he was comin to amman, so me and my sis Fatoom went to his house and visited him, since we had the car and didnt know where to go :p hehe we had a nice time..

Other thing is, i called my cousin Ala’a Bjant7ala and he told me that his amazing wife is giving birth also to their baby so soon, bel salameh tamtam 😉 bashoofek lama teje 3ala amman inshallah. take care of yourself. 3ala2, take care of them both ya fafi 😀
*hugs and kisses for three of you*

ah what else? i dono i guess im so happy these days

***Happiness back to action*** lool

3 thoughts on “Good news- Finally! :)

  1. Hey Jano,
    mabrook fro the passwords.
    Nice pic of the baby, she is really cute, 1000 mabrook to ur cousin.
    yes we need tabooleh 😉

  2. loool thanx guys but there isnt any tabouleh! hehehe
    bakkouz was talkin about taboulah cuz he’s comin to visit me at home today and everytime he comes he eats tabouleh and 7aleva, mum will make the 7aleva and told me to make tabouleh but i dont have time as u know lool so bakkouz, your last resort is fatoom 7abeebet albak :p

    But yanal, inta dayman be 3amman so bne3mallak tabouleh aimta ma kan 😉

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