Yesterday-Underground, Today-Feel to Fly

Let me start from yesterday which was a nightmare! first of all i couldnt remember what were my two hotmail emails passwords that i have changed the other day! i really cant remember what was on my mind then.. anyway, i wrote to hotmail and they sent an automatic email! i wrote them again and again.. anyway, to make the day worse nothing worked fine at work yesterday! i wanted to fix the MS excel all microsoft got out of work and especially with my outlook which is the only resort for me now since im using the gmail account there! and i tried to do system restore and when i thought it wrked nicely, outlook stucked again. and everything seemed against me.. i was really upset!! above all that some other personal problems that i dont wanna mention here. wait! it didnt stop here! got upset with my aunty and was about to make an accident while i was driving home.. when i got home i was too tired but some friends came and i had to do whatever i had to do.. i think that was all! how easy was on me huh?!!

Today, woke up in time and started preparing myself for work, tho dad was abit late but i didnt care, i got him to his work them went to mine after 10 minutes from the starting time of my work.. but it was all good especially when i was listening to music on my way to work and felt like dancing.. 🙂 yeah it was a nice morning i dono why.. hehe
when i got home my boss didnt complain about me being late which was nice 🙂 and everything went fine, the work and the outlook but still this hotmail thing and i feel that i dont care like yesterday.. but still they are important to me…

My own explaination to all this is SUN ECLIPSE!! dont u think? 😐

4 thoughts on “Yesterday-Underground, Today-Feel to Fly

  1. I think you are right, it could be the exclipse, maybe it affected all scorpios, cuase i had a bad day too…
    just register a new hotmail account for now and if you manage to get the old ones back then thats cool if not well then scew it…life goes on….

  2. oh my dad is leo 🙂 and i dont like it alot lol anyway, i really think this sun eclipse has done sth not good.. take carez 😉

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