Tortured Key…

Flames are burning but they dont dare to touch
Images are fading and they dont care to look
Mountains crumbling down but they are so blind
What would you do and How would you feel;
If you were all of those three?
Would you ask for help;
and would you wait for the answer?

So faraway there’s a hope that’s waiting
this is what I’ve heard ages ago..
Still can’t reach, What’s wrong with me?
Cant even see deep within Me..
It hurts like hell but still i laugh
Maybe the luck is hidden among the smiles..
and maybe One laughter could be the key
…Up to Heavens Door…

March 27 2006

4 thoughts on “Tortured Key…

  1. yes,, keep smiling and laughing jano,,, seriously,,, iv said that b4,, but i dont mind saying it agaim,, “one good turn may get you most of the blanket” so keep smiling, keep walking,, it will work out at the end,, and if it didnt,, then its not the end yet,, 😉

  2. wow! thanx alot guys 🙂 you really made me feel way better..

    thanx bakkouz, this could be one of the few times you dont find mistakes :p

    hey dadan im jealous cuz i cant do some masterpieces in graphics like you do so we’re even now 😉

    Abu hamarneh, this is really so sweet of you, thx alot 🙂

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