well, bakkouz said he would call when he gets home but it seems a fish in aqaba sea ate him! better! anyway, me and him were talkin about the blog thing and i thought that my blog sucks since there arent alot of comments but he told me i was wrong and he told me that the important thing that they read! anyway, i blamed him cuz it was his idea- i mean this whole blog thing.. all that cuz i wrote a journal in my profile at hi5 this one i have here about friends!
Anyway, i will make him sorry, this mean bakkouz! oh no he’s not! but i hope i really have a nice blog tho he says i steal things from net and post them.. lol this is FUNNY! oh yes i sometimes do it but i leave the source, dont i? hehehe
so the result is if im not having this flow of creativity (as dadan says) in writing i will quit this! yeah! as if it was a big deal loool
anyway, im finding this really nice but i dont know what ppl think of it? why should i? im just speakin some things out and thats all. so hell with you. lol oh sorry i dont mean it..
Anyway Mr. Bakkouz good luck with your blog, that ugly blog loool yeah whatever!
i just have nothing to do, fatoom is playing some sports now and she’s so tired as it seems but our friend is encouraging her to go on cuz they are both doin sports while talkin on phone.. anyway, the others here seem to be sleeping but still not sure cuz i dont communicate that much with them since i stay in my room all the time… even too tired to go fix me something to eat 😐
aaaaaaah so bored and cant find anything to do, yeah i know i said that before thanks for bakkouz cuz he told me about wordpress hehehe did i say the same above? :p
and u know what? its ok if u didnt read this or didnt leave a comment πŸ™‚

its enough you got here and read all this crap, i guess i should make a category about trash, and crap and all this group.. hehe maybe the category name should be trash can?

14 thoughts on “Crap…

  1. lol heheheh you really made me laugh .. hmm what i should say? .. nah you cant quit .. i enjoy reading blogs .. i mean ppl will start visiting soon i know … hey you better clean the blog, yallah! b3den bakkouz says you steal the posts HUH mr bakka … shame on you look around i think he stole 90% of his posts … 3ala kolan be3een allaha …

  2. looool omg ! thanks alot dadan πŸ™‚ im really happy you laughed, mesh el moshkeleh 3ala meen! bs eno good to know i made you laugh somehow hehehe
    o hada bakka ana 3arfeh 3anno! lol 3ala rase bakkouz :p
    and what did you mean by i better clean my blog? :S aaah mshan el trash we crap? hehehe bs tef2a3 ma3i ba3mel el title mokhayyam! loool

  3. Magnificent, mumtaz ya3ni, aw ra2e3 jiddan πŸ˜€
    Be patience beautiful jansait, be patient, good things come to those who wait πŸ™‚

  4. well, dadan says ” u dont have this flow of creativity “, y3ne ana mesh fahim, y3ne k2enno had al walad ahbal, looool, o tane eshe don’t think about quitting, aslan had elle beddo ea bakkouz, he just wants to win the challenge between u 2…..
    anyway, what is the problem in putting things from mail or internet if u see that they are intersting…..
    and I remeber that u said that “it is from my mail” about a topic u wrote….
    3la kol 7al la t’7ale hadol al tnaen yel3bo b 3a2lek – THEY ARE EVIL – πŸ˜‰

  5. lah lah yanal! ana ma basma7lak te7ki 3an dadan 2w my bakkouzEH 7ata law meshan jano πŸ˜€ anyway jano i enjoy reading ur posts o bakkouzEH didnt say anything wrong
    bye πŸ™‚

  6. oh no no no yanal, dadan didnt say that i dont have a flow of creativity but he used this phrase and i stole it from him lol as i always do with everyone :p sa7 bakkouz? wallah gher ajannennak!!!

    anyway, thx yanal about this comment its nice of you…

    fatoom, bakkouz said sth wrong and he knows what he said! he said that my posts mesh tafa3olyeen o i steal them from my email n internet!!! il 7a2 3ala jalalte ele i wanna share you things you both fatoom and bakkouz..

    anyway bakkouz, this comment is nice πŸ™‚ i hope u dont make less of my blog anymore 😐 and i hope all that was a good lesson :p

  7. lol shatour bakkouz.. πŸ™‚ ma bteje gher bel bahdaleh 😐 lol hada methal il neswan ma boskoto bedalo yno2o 3al mawdoo3!! hehehe

  8. honestly.. this is really really a crap… h3h3h3h3h3 kiddo

    whatever it is Jano,, this is how a blogger shloud start,, if you are considering quitting and then not,,, you turn into a successful blogger with a real traffic on your blog,, just keep posting,, they comment,,
    and one more thing,, blogging is not about others,, its about you and yourself,, so dont give a damn,,

    for me,, if i know that there is only one person on earth is reading my blog (whether he enjoys it or not) ill keep posting for him.. he deserve it πŸ˜‰

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