well, its 3:08 am now and i just woke up.. cant get back to sleep so thoughts started striking my mind.. thoughts about everything, like my life, friends, family, and everything..
Im 22 now and know exactly what i want from life and future, even so determine but will things still this way? Sure! this is about my side.. what about life’s side? will it give me what i want and what i work to get? or maybe just punishing me for something i even dont remember, sometimes life can be really cruel where sometimes you wonder if u deserve whats good it’s brought to you..
Anyway, Are we happy? here comes the serious question that we didnt think of so deeply! i guess we should be.. some people dont have what we do, does that mean we should be happy? what if the thing we have isnt the thing we want? what if we wish we could trade life with others? are they happy? dono but at least they have what we want! and why do we want what they have? why cant we be satisfied? i think i am! but still something missing.. there’s always something missing…
Sometimes we think we reached a dead end road and then a road comes out from nowhere.. just to light up our lives.. but things can be really misleading and can really break our hearts.. cant tell you how many times mine was broken.. but im really ok and everytime it does i feel like tears water alil soul within me and make it bigger like a new soul is born… i dont learn? i do! everytime! but what to say, some roads are so temting though doesnt live forever.. so where is the final road? the road that leads to a linear static life?
are you aware that almost all your decisions can help to decide your whole life line? this is really Huge! some of us are 22 like me and some are 25 and some didnt think they are 30 maybe! have we thought of our life ahead? Damn! its so blur sometimes! i hate it! 😦 other times you just break all rules and run after what you know (think) is the best for you.. is it?
My mind is spinning out from time to time…
sorry if i made you read all this trash i just hope you got bored from first line and went looking for something fun!
Wish you enough…

7 thoughts on “Trash…

  1. Fate, it works in myserious ways, and all we can do is ride it like a rollercoaster and and enjoy the ride, things have a way of working themselves out, just let it be, the universe will unfold as it will πŸ™‚

    and…. some didnt think they are 30? What does that mean?! 😐

  2. hey dadan.. thx alot “dude” πŸ™‚
    and yeah bakka who gave me the icon hehe man! we waited you for along time to come online so he can take it :p

    bakkouz: i believe in fate but just in 50% or less. about who didnt think he’s thirty lol well, its general u know? like life runs fast and we find ourselves 30 or more.. thats the point..

  3. e7m e7m!! abu 7amarneh is here

    during the match, a tennis player should concentrate on getting the ball behind the competitor’s net , he shouldn’t think of winning Wimbledon,,, that will distract him from scoring

    Moral,,, don’t be distracted by the next step while you have to take the current one.

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